Digitimes: Windows 8 by end September 2011, HP on board

ballmermetrotabletWe do not know if Digitimes is in the habit of playing April’s Fool day jokes, but the company is predicting an unbelievably aggressive schedule for delivery of Windows 8.

Claiming industry sources from Taiwan-based touch panel and notebook makers, they claim HP is set to release Inventec ODM’ed tablet PC’s running Microsoft’s new OS as soon as the end of September or October 2011.

Apparently stung by Apple taking 12% of the laptop market with the iPad in Q 4 2010, Microsoft has been working aggressively to speed up its development for the tablet segment, the sources noted.

Windows 8 is currently being distributed to OEMs in early beta form, leading to leaks which have given mere tastes of the OS and left us wanting a lot more.

Noting that the move to ARM has in fact accelerated development, it seems however it was more dollars which convinced HP to bet on Microsoft again.

Digitimes notes that Microsoft is willing to offer “strong” financial and technical support to OEMs who agree to distribute Windows 8 tablets, a strategy Microsoft is also using with Windows Phone 7.

Digitimes expects HP’s example will lead to the OS being adopted on tablets by other notebook vendors also.

Read more at Digitimes here.

  • http://www.Ztitch.com Ztitch Developer

    Excellent! With the Mango update and Windows 8 in Q3 2011, Microsoft is set to become a huge player in the mobile world again.

  • Someonewhoknows

    Someone is yanking your chain. They are at an EARLY milestone, and are far from release. Very far.

  • tigo

    This is windows 8 for tablets, it doesnt have to get an milestone or alpha. Like ipad it does not have milestones. The Desktop will come later will have milestones..

  • http://eingoluq.blogspot.com Eingoluq

    I smell some BS here!

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft doesn’t have a good track record of releasing anything on an agressive schedule these days. IF they pull this off AND it’s not a steaming pile of cheese, I will be the first to eat my words, but I doubt we see anything Windows 8 this year.

    • rsg1


      I would absolutely love it to be true – holding out for a WP7 was a great idea, and I’m doing the same for their tablets.

  • Fmh

    What about WebOS HP?