Download Bing Wallpapers to your desktop now

bing-download3 reports that Bing users are now able to download there iconic wallpapers directly to their desktop if they sign in with their Facebook ID.

Users are not however able to browse the back catalogue, so to get the best of Bing you probably have to visit every day.

The download feature may not be visible to everyone yet, and if you only want a new and beautiful wallpaper for your phone every day the Bing Desktop app works pretty well.


  • Rafael Muñoz

    The app doesn’t work on Windows 8 and the Bing metro App doesnt work properly. nice.

    • apple

      The apps will be updated sometime in the next two weeks

  • Nitesh Maharaj

    Why would you have to sign in with your Facebook account? Microsoft does the most curious things.

  • Smity Smiter

    I’ve been using “Bing desktop” for a long time, I use it ONLY for the wallpapers. No sign-in required :-/

    • mikelo90

      doesn’t work for me on w8 rp