Download It Now: Largest Collection Of Free Microsoft eBooks Now Available

Microsoft ebooks free download
Eric Ligman, senior sales manager at Microsoft has posted a blog post containing the list of free e-books from Microsoft. There are over 150 free e-books on various Microsoft products like Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Office 2013, Office 365, Office 2010, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, PowerShell, Exchange Server, Lync 2013, System Center, Azure, Cloud, SQL Server, and much more.

Given the amount my readers enjoy these posts and these free resources, I am sharing another post this year with over 130 more FREE eBooks, Step-By-Steps, Resource Guides, etc., for your enjoyment. Plus I’m also including links to the free eBooks I shared in the past so you have all of them here in one single post, making this my single largest collection EVER (Almost 300 total)! Please enjoy these FREE eBooks and resources, and be sure to pass this along to your friends, colleagues, peers, and others who you think would benefit from and enjoy them. After all, wouldn’t it be fun if we could surpass the 1,000,000 download mark within just one week again?

Download all the e-books from the list available here.

  • Eric Ligman

    Thank you for sharing the Free eBooks post with your readers. I hope you and your readers enjoy them!

  • soder

    Most of the so-called “books” are nothing more than quick guides, brochures(!!), product guides, enduser guides. I think in the crowd there are even some blogposts hidden, converted into PDF and automagically rebranded as “book”. Hardly any of those qualify for a proper BOOK. You know, a book, that was written by somebody who has at least some basic idea how a proper written book should look like. Also, a couple of reviewers went through it, and looked for grammatical or style-related issues. Just because you put the “ebook” tag at the end of the filename, it doesnt become automatically a book. A real book means it has met higher degree of quality. Otherwise all documents on planet earth that was saved with the PDF or DOCX extension could be called a book, when in reality they are nowhere near to a book.
    Oh and 1 more thing: there is no such thing at MS that is REALLY free. In this case you pay with your WASTED time, when you read them, and realize any 3rd party book from a real publisher contains more technology and less marketing/PR promo BS etc. then these so-called “books”.
    So yes Eric, thank you very much, but let the readers know what they get for their money. There is an old but still true saying about the price of things, and the value you can expect for that price.

    • Tips_y

      It’s either you don’t understand the meaning of “free” or you didn’t bother to read. As to “WASTED time”, nobody, NOBODY AT ALL (please quote me likewise!) is forcing you to download anything from the collection.

      By the way, you actually wasted your time by posting a long comment!

      • soder

        I wont bother explaining it to you, why this action from MS pisses me off. Just because something is free to download, it doesnt mean it can be junk. Most of the docs in the list are simple user guides. Not books. Try to find a publisher to print them as a book, you will be rejected, as none of those meet the quality. Simple marketing papers, not books. I read a lot of them since previous year, and yes, I am still pissed off. I looked for some valuable ones, turned out most of them are just plain crap.

        As MS-news again posted the list as something new I had to add my comments. Use google, search for the list, it was there 1 year ago as well, just been expanded with some new titles.
        Most of the docs in this list are Azure and Office 365 sales promo whitepapers. Would you buy those in a book shop for money?

    • icanhazinternet

      U mad bro?

    • reKitab

      “…but let the readers know what they get for their money…”?
      It says: Largest Collection Of Free Microsoft eBooks Now Available…
      Are you OK, soder?