Dropbox Updates Windows Client With Streaming Sync To Offer Up To 2x Faster Transfers

Dropbox Streaming-Sync

Dropbox has yesterday released an updated Windows client with new streaming sync technology that will offer up to 2x faster transfer rate of files. The next time you need to sync a large video file (or any file over 16MB) from your computer to your connected devices or in a shared folder, Dropbox will make sure you get an extra sync speed boost.

Streaming sync is just part of our latest version of the Dropbox desktop client. There’s a lot more here — including support for our four newest languages, and scrollable menu notifications to help you keep closer tabs on everything going on in your Dropbox. Plus, you can even create a shared link to files and accept shared folder invites right from the Dropbox menu!

The updated desktop client is available here and you can read more about the update from the source link below.

Source: Dropbox

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