Dubai-based Carrier Flydubai Adopts Windows Tablets To Reduce Check-in Time For Passengers


Flydubai JXB 737-800 Artwork K64500

Dubai-based low cost carrier Flydubai has joined many other organizations in adopting Windows 8 based tablets. Flydubai is now using Windows 8 based tablets at Dubai International Airport to facilitate passenger check-in. Because of this Windows 8 based solution, Flydubai has reduced the check-in time to two minutes per passenger. The airline’s new app connects to their backend services and is integrated with a passport scanner and printer. It aims to ease the check-in process by allowing staff to scan passenger information, assign seats and issue boarding passes on the spot. This solution was developed in partnership with Microsoft Gulf

“Travel is one of the fastest growing industries in the region,” said Michael Mansour, directors of Apps and Innovation at Microsoft Gulf.

“It is under increasing pressure to deliver improved quality of service while tackling productivity and workforce shortage challenges. The Windows 8 App developed for flydubai is a regional first, enabling staff to check-in passengers on-the-go.”

Source: Gulf Business

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  • Rikkirik

    This is great news, now role it out to all carriers. This is where the market is for W8 tablets, in the business and Enterprise market. Increasing productivity and efficiency, while developing unique applications for businesses.

    • VHMP01

      Exactly, productivity & consumption = Windows, playing around = iPads! The same as ever but most won’t admit it!

      • LexicoRed

        That is a tired meme that is only repeated by the obtusely uninformed or woefully late cultural adopters. There are some use cases iPad’s are not the best tools there are plenty of “work” use cases where it is appropriate. This is why Microsoft released Office for iOS.

        • VHMP01

          Tired meme? Then why are several school districts, airlines, and lots of companies giving up on iPads towards W8 tablets. The other way around, even if they resisted for fashion, more like “Little by Little” this meme is making scence!

          • LexicoRed

            Weigh the release of Surface Microsoft has smartly accepted that the product is not position to succeed as a tablet but as laptop instead. And as I stated for certain use cases a laptop, or even desktop, is a more useful tool. Though for millions of workers have decided that iPad allows them to do real work.

            I do understand that for few individuals will hold on to a myopic definition of the meaning of “work” for reasons to feed esteem, culturally challenged point of view, illogically defined biases or similar attitudes. Thankful Microsoft management has woken up and no longer does, it makes the company long term success maximized.

          • VHMP01

            Cultural? Myopic? Thats exactly what iFans do trying to defend theirlimited beloved iDevices, yet they deny or are mentally inable to accept that companies, school districts, airlines, etc. need much more versatile and complete solutions that do not require adaptors and external pluging accesories to meet all their needs with fake web based programs ans solutions fashionly called “apps”… Now thats cultural myipi, thank you for proving my point!

          • LexicoRed

            Fake web base programs like Office 365? Moreover, there has been no denial of use cases where tablets does not serve as the best tool for particular jobs to be done just a pointing out the converse is also true; a intelligent and open approach to understanding significant market dynamics that is now embraced by the wise and thoughtful Microsoft CEO Nedella. He offers a model that even the most intellectual recalcitrant could use to broaden their shackles of small thinking.

          • VHMP01

            Yes exactly like that, Office 365 serves as a bridge to cover basic needs; yet if you need full features its very very limmited. If you dont have high speed connection and try to work offline with it, it also limmits your features and lets you do simple tasks. Also when connected, every time you save and it checks for cloud changes from any device, it takes more than double the time it would on local installed programs. So yes, companies, airlines, school districts note this limmitations and need much better and complete solutions!

          • Guest

            Companies, school districts, airlines all have high speed internet. LOL!

          • VHMP01

            More to my point; even companies, airlines, school districts wuth high speed internet are changing to more complete devices, thank you. Proves iPads are just toys!

          • LexicoRed

            It is this dated thinking lead by Ballmer that is now position Microsoft into having to start layoffs. Thank goodness Sayta, unlike you and the fired Ballmer, no longer holds Microsoft to this poor belief.

          • VHMP01

            What? Dont you read? An airline implemwnted W8 tablets and became 2 minutes more efficient per passanger! What do I have to do with Ballmer? Your ignorance is amusing both ways! By the way Ballmer is the main shareholder at MS, far from being fired, more like retired billionare consultant. But to the article’s point that you have not paid attention at all, companies need more than iPad toys! Simple!