Durango XDK Leaks Confirms “Always On, Always Connected” Mode Of Xbox vNext

Xbox 720 Durango
We have seen so many leaks about Xbox vNext codenamed Durango. The latest leak published by VGLeaks involves Xbox vNext XDK help documents. It confirms many things about various other leaks we had it in the past. The Xbox vNext will be based on x64 architecture with DirectX3D 11 support and dedicated audio chip to process it separately.

The interesting thing it reveals is the “Always On, Always Connected” mode. In this mode, the console will remain on with minimum power draw and will uses can enjoy the entertainment experience whenever they want with out any delay. You need not wait for the system to update or you need not restart it.

It also comes with a high fidelity Kinect 2.0 with HD video support, more accurate skeletal tracking using new depth sensor. The new controller will have less wireless latency and improved ergonomics.

Also the console with have Blu-ray disc support, however you need to install all the games to Hard disk to play it.

Source: VGLeaks

  • koenshaku

    Still doesn’t confirm the nonsense rumors that it requires you to be online in order to play a game. If that were true MS would be on a path to corporate suicide starting with the joke that is the PC version of xbox music. Why break all the functionality zune had for windows phone 8 devices!?! Ok I am ranting and that has nothing to do with this article 😀

  • Drewidian

    To me there are a couple of reasons why they would do this, and it only makes sense if MS is going to partner with the Cable companies and sell it as an all in one solution with live TV streaming, On Demand content, and Gaming. For it to work as a DVR replacement, it would have to have a persistent Network connection, be always on (to record scheduled shows) and Kinect support would allow for a number of things like pushing video conferencing with Skype and thus allowing most of the cable/satelite providers to become essentially telephone companies (most are already but this would broaden their offerings). In the light of Cable/Satellite providers pushing the next XBox, it could become the dominant console based solely on the number of subscribers that would prefer an xBox over what those companies usually offer.

    • nice

      I wish they are listening you.
      But if they partner with cable companies and do what you say ONLY in USA as Microsoft usually does, I’ll get a Playstation 4…

  • http://www.facebook.com/asptheone Abraham Soto

    This will be a failure if this comes up to be true. It will be the last Xbox generation sadly. If this is true I will switch completely to PS4, it will be 50% more powerful and more open..

    • http://twitter.com/J88NYr Jonny Rose

      Umm… The PS4 is too, they just didn’t announce it this way, how else do you think they are going to manage to have the PS4 for instant on gaming.

    • http://profiles.google.com/wdmsagefire Robert Potter

      No part of this is a bad thing except for what you expect it will lead to. All it is saying is it will have a low power networked-mode that will allow MS to push updates/content to the system. That’s a good thing by itself. There is nothing here suggesting it will be used as DRM, you are simply guessing.

      • koenshaku

        No reason for it not to be used as a DRM considering how xbox live users were banned from the service for modding in the past. It would be nothing new from the MS policy if you mod keep your console offline mantra. Game prices drop so quickly and the preowned market is so large I don’t see why some people even bother. If they want it that much then they should just pay for it…

  • masssss@tubator.com

    Pradeep, a guy with a pink shirt.