Early Hands-on Videos Are Hugely Positive About Toshiba’s Retina Macbook Competitor Kirabook

Toshiba Kirabook

Toshiba unveiled a new line of laptops called Kirabook, the first Windows Ultrabook that comes with 13.3-inch 2560 x 1440 display, 256GB of SSD, 8GB RAM and Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. While the specs directly competes with Apple MacBook Pro Retina models, how about the build quality and design? Early hands on videos from Engadget, The Verge, etc, seems hugely positive about these premium devices.


Where else to start but with that WQHD display? The minute we saw it, we knew this wasn’t your garden-variety 1,366 x 768 panel. Everything is sharper — even the lettering on the Start Menu — though we would have just as easily assumed this was a 1,920 x 1,080 panel.

The Verge:

Whether or not the Kirabook sells at MacBook Air levels is less important than what the device represents, though. This is the first truly premium Windows 8 laptop we’ve seen in a long time, competitive across every spec and feature with the best of what Apple can offer.





  • MSFTmanJosh

    If only I had the money

  • arrow2010

    All Toshiba could do is make a cheap knock-off of the Macbook Air.

    • Joe_HTH

      Oh God, take a hike back to the Apple sites fanboy. Apple has never invented or been first in anything. They only take from products that already existed. There is nothing cheap about this laptop that I can see, and it will probably be cheaper than any Macbook.

    • NGM123

      Why would you want a locked down proprietary piece of rubbish like a Macbook when you could own this instead? Seriously, they are for the shallow “look at me I think I’m cool crowd” who put looks before substance.
      How sad.

    • VHMP01

      You mean like; All Apple could do is make a cheap knock-off of the HP Sojuorn from 1998…


  • Ocelotty1

    If only it had a discrete graphics card……………

  • donzebe

    I like the branded name; Kirabooks

  • vcfan

    oh Toshiba,you peasants, competing against apple? LOL we got a badass on our hands. Cant compete with other PC manufacturers so you have to mention apple because the apple loving media will mention your name. What happened to your badmouthing windows 8? Where would your PC division be if your only options were Linux or chromebooks? fuck off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stanislaus.szczepaniak Stanislaus Szczepaniak

    Uh, opened, it looks like an… well… what is it… ah, yes: an Apple laptop. This thing is a load of old tosh.

    • VHMP01

      Yet Crapple does not even dream about MacBarbies Air with touch screens!

    • VHMP01

      With real ports on it too!

  • Windows 8

    What a choice !! Amazing and exciting.
    If only I had the money, but this is the epitome of the hardware and design spec pyramid in the world.
    No one can deny that.
    Thumbs up from me.