Early Surface sales “strong” says analysts

imageMicrosoft has not announced any Surface sales figures, leaving analysts to do what they do best.

“We called or visited all permanent Microsoft Stores this week, and the feedback was that Surface sales have been steady, foot traffic has been above average, and restocking shipments have been consistent,” wrote Phil Winslow of Credit Suisse in a note to clients.

The Windows RT Surface tablet was launched on the 26th October and the cheaper model quickly sold out soon after.

He added that returns “have been relatively few,” with most of those citing the lack of backwards compatibility with older Windows applications that will only be available when the company launches the “Pro” version of the tablet sometime early next year.

Analyst Brendan Barnicle of Pacific Crest surveyed a number of Microsoft’s stores, and reported “strong” sales of the tablet and that most stores had gone through at least one round of inventory replenishments.

Microsoft is rumoured to have ordered between 3-5 million Surface tablets for the holiday season. Hitting that goal would likely brand the tablet an unqualified success, which Microsoft will presumably announce, rather than leaving us to rely on analyst speculation.

Via Marketwatch.com

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  • GG002

    I vowed not to buy the Surface RT, but wait for Pro, or other x86 tablets… Didn’t work, Surface RT is too darn cool and I couldn’t resist. Damn, they even got me who’s well aware of the limitations!

    • interested

      well ya know when iPad was first anouced it had limitations. Still can’t run anything other than store apps. So what’s the differenc?

      • GG002

        iPad still has limitations, more than I want. I’m a photographer, and despite having lots of memory cards, they get filled during travels. Surface can certainly act as a remedy for this (don’t start with the gzillion adapters for iPad; I want to burn adapters). Office is also a make or break for me, and nothing iPad does can replace a good, authentic Office 2013. That’s why I find iPad pointless.

        • guest

          Microsoft confirms that Office will be for iOS and Android early 2013.

          • http://twitter.com/counterblow the person


          • GG002

            Most likely limited in functionality, if it ever turns up now that Surface is carving out a new territory. Rumors are that MS will be spending less time on Office for other tablets now. Also, don’t forget that the Surface has the appropriate keyboard for the job.

          • kalval

            That is just a rumour, and even if true I’m not sure where the early 2013 date came from. Also it will not be full featured like the RT version (which is only missing macros and a couple other things people don’t use)

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Tom/100001144097567 Gavin Tom

            no ways in hell would microsoft port office to apple, on the back of this launch.

    • garak0410

      I am with you…I wanted to wait for the Pro but this was too tempting, especially since I was getting so bored with my Android tablet. I am totally loving the Surface. And I think of RT as a much more powerful Jelly Bean/iOS rather than a scaled back Windows 8. I have high hopes of a strong power user community with it.

      • GG002

        I never even owned any tablet before, but just borrowing others’ tablets felt really stale and limited. I really appreciate that MS left the desktop in, even though it’s strange for a tablet. I can use settings, Office and Explorer like I’m used to, especially the latter I think is indispensible.

        I’m sure more useful WinRT apps are going to arrive sooner rather than later. This is Windows after all, and being RT doesn’t stop it from sharing the same kernel as Pro, which means porting code should be a snap as soon as devs get up to speed.

  • http://twitter.com/joepann Kitab

    “…Analyst Brendan Barnicle of Pacific Crest surveyed a number of Microsoft’s stores, and reported “strong” sales of the tablet and that most stores had gone through at least one round of inventory replenishments…”
    Whatever, still not available here!?!?

  • http://www.facebook.com/RogerioAlanCruz Alan Cruz