Early Windows 8 Design Concepts Revealed, Current Start Screen Design Dates Back To 2010

We all know that development of Windows 8 started in 2010 as soon as Windows 7 got released to the public in Oct, 2009. Recently, Microsoft’s Jensen Harris from the Windows design team spoke about designing Windows 8 at UX Week 2012.In his presentation, he revealed number of unseen Windows 8 mockups. Some of them include Windows 8 Start screen, Charms bar, lock screen, etc,. As you can see from the above video, Microsoft has fine tuned their initial design to the current design in release version of Windows 8.

via: istartedsomething


  • Frostie

    Damm, I really like the 2010 images.

  • Sanjay_Sharma

    Nice talk…still listening to, but @00:04:40 Jensen says “And then this happened…the iPhone, and the iPhone changed everything….it rimagined, what it would be like if you converge three devices into one thing…people didn’t think they were one thing, people thought they were multiple things. But Apple said…and that changed every thing.”. Hmm, really. Wikipedia says, iPhone came in 2007. Windows CE came in 2000 and Windows Mobile in 2003 and it had Phone, Browser, music player, movie player, file explorer, infact it was a much more complete computing experience than today’s smartphones. I know WM was very very low on experience level compared to iPhone, but it was not the iPhone which thought of converging multiple devices, it was Windows Mobile (i don’t know if other mobile platforms did it even before that, Symbian anybody?)

    • guest

      I guess he means in a way that became popular, not just invented per se. He says a lot of other stuff I could quibble with. Like Apple creating two device because they want to sell you two things. But it’s still an interesting overview.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708677298 Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    Well i would say that Microsoft folk at play here are f***** morons, especially when you look at this which dates probably back to even… maybe 2008 or 07… Why wont they recognize their own past???? http://images.thoughtsmedia.com/zt/2009/zune4software0big.jpg

    • luis3007

      The Zune interface was never intended as a replacement for Windows, it was a separate product that had nothing to do with the core Windows development and was abandoned for 2 years until the Windows Phone team revived it for their product.

      • guest

        I think his point is the UI didn’t originate with Harris and Windows circa 2010. Most of it came from Media Center and Zune years earlier. Harris and Sinofsky certainly deserve credit for the risky decision to implement it in Win8 though. They’ll also get all the blame if it doesn’t sell well.

        I applaud the risk myself. MS had been coasting too long and the world is changing quickly. I’m just concerned by the very polarized reaction that the start button and Metro (yes, I said it) seems to engender. People either love it or hate it. There’s very little middle ground. That wasn’t the case for iOS, and I’m not sure it needed to be here either. For MS, a lot is going to come down to does that reaction have any consistency across demographics. If it skews positive among younger people, for example, that might be short term bad but long term good for MS.