Elliptic Labs plans to bring touch-less touch screen control to Windows 8

Elliptic Labs has demonstrated new technology which will bring touch screen control to laptops without the need for a touch screen, or even touching the screen.

The Kinect-like system uses ultrasound and multiple microphones, and offers a wide field of view and better responsiveness than Microsoft’s system, and could be integrated into tablets and smartphones in the future.

"The really big difference is you can do a lot of things with Windows 8 much more naturally," Morhan Kjolebakken, product manager for the company said.

The app debuted with control gestures for Windows 8, but the company is also offering a SDK for developers and manufacturers to integrate the technology into their products.

The device is expected to hit the market in 12-14 months.

Via CNET.com


  • http://twitter.com/pierrerv Pierre Venescar

    similar to kinect

  • frocen

    Very nice there will be no more finger prints on the screen.

  • Tips_y

    Hope MS could bring this to W8 ahead of others. This will bring another layer of coolness to W8 for MS and its W8 OEM partners. Otherwise, MS will once again be put in a “me too” position.

    • http://www.about.me/AngeloGopaul Eingoluq

      Microsoft already demonstrated this months ago, they never did this with W8 tho.

  • ustudio


  • ckeledjian

    This highlights how well though the Windows 8 gestures were that they work great even for non touch

  • AdyMarty

    I want it where can I buy it?

  • 骁 陈

    Kinect Tech???