Epic cant wait to get Unreal Engine on the Microsoft Surface


imageIt seems the new Windows 8 tablets will not be bereft of high end gaming. Unlike Windows Phone 7 they will have direct access to the metal of the processor, meaning high end game engines should run perfectly fine on the OS.

It seems however it was not Windows 8 but the Microsoft Surface which enthused Epic CEO Mark Rein, who tweeted that he “Can’t wait to get some Unreal Engine games on those babies!”  which is likely what Microsoft intention has been all along with producing their own tablet – to “prime the pump” of the Windows 8 ecosystem.

Shall we start the count down for Infinity Blade in Windows 8 marketplace now?

Via Game Trailers.com

  • Tick Tock

    Sign me up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/philippe.wechsler Philippe Wechsler

    Well of course it was not Windws 8 that enthused Mark Rein, as the Engine works well on Windows 7, so why it should not on W8? But hell yeah, that are very good news that the engine is coming to Windows RT (and maybe too for WP8?)

  • http://www.rwalrond.com RWalrond

    umm, you don’t have to wait.


    • ZipZapRap

      That’s not UE3

  • Anonymous

    Let the Priming continue!

  • http://fxfp.com/ Alex F.

    Not only direct access to the “metal” but also DirectX 11 and Direct2D as standard on ALL devices!

  • http://twitter.com/ama_neden ama neden

     Yes , they are excited for Win RT

  • outflow

    He should spend less time on twitter and finish making Infinity Blade Dungeons

  • http://twitter.com/TimoTim19 Timothy Gamble

    That’s MS’s ace when it comes to gaming. They already have huge partner relationships with the biggest game dev studios out there…I’m not talking the Rovio’s of the world that can only produce the same game over and over, but the Epic’s, the Bethesda’s, the LionHeads, the 343’s, the Capcom’s, the Biowares. Sure they make some very dumbed down versions of their games for iPad and such, but to use the same tools they’ve always used to make PC games and have it work on x86/ARM/RT/Pro is a huge deal. MS really has a chance to blow all others outta the water and set their selves apart with Xbox Live and its integration with Xbox 360 and WP8.