Epic Games CEO Explains Why They Sold The Gears Of War Franchise To Microsoft

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Early this year, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Studios has acquired the rights to the “Gears of War” franchise from Epic Games. The deal included rights to all existing and future games, entertainment experiences and merchandise. Also, the new Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver will take over development of the “Gears of War” franchise on behalf of Microsoft. Speaking to Gamespot, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has explained why the studio sold the Gears of War franchise. In short, they got bored with this franchise and had more exciting plans for the games of future. Even though they loved the franchise, they wanted to move in a new direction.

“We’ve gone through a long process of figuring out the games we’re going to build at Epic worldwide in the future and we concluded that we weren’t going to be building any more Gears of War,”

“The core Gears values are really tied to being big event-based, single-player console games with awesome cover mechanics and other things that really didn’t translate into the future approach we were taking with online games, and competitive and cooperative multiplayer,” he added. “Because we weren’t planning on building any more Gears games we were just going to let that sit on the shelf for a decade or more, in case it had any future value to us.”

Sweeney went on to say that it’s better for Gears of War to be in the hands of Microsoft than to be sitting unused on the shelf at Epic Games. “We weren’t going to build it and we realized the world wanted more Gears of War,” he said.

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Source: Gamespot

  • JohnCz

    In other words, it was time to cash out.

    • grs_dev

      Actually, in other words, it’s no longer economically feasible for Epic to spend so much money on developing single player games when games that have no single player modes are making a killing and carry none of the costs associated with generating content for single player experiences.

  • Blaze Blue

    No problem. It was time to move on to something else. It works for both parties can’t blame them.

  • Joe_HTH

    The truth is Epic Games is not what they used to be. They’ve lost a ton of talent, including CliffyB, when half of their company was bought by a Chinese company. They haven’t done anything much worth mentioning since Gears of War 3.

    Personally, while Gears of War is great, it probably needs to go on hiatus for at least 5 years.

  • grs_dev

    Hey Pradeep, how about next time you read the article before copying and pasting excerpts from it.
    Wow bored? That’s a very skewed interpretation of the article as it was posted on gamespot.

    The guy is basically saying in plain English that developing single player games is not in their future. Single player games require a lot of investment. Online only games a la Titanfall for example allow the developers to shift the focus away from developing the world within the game to developing the mechanics that give the gamers the ability to shape the in game experience.