Eric Schmidt On Microsoft Surface: “It means a lot if the product works,”

In an interview in New York with the WSJ’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt commented about the upcoming Microsoft Surface. When asked about this thoughts on Microsoft making PC  hardware for the first time, he said the following.

Mossberg: In a few weeks we’ll see something historic. Microsoft will have built its first computer, with Surface. Running a Microsoft OS. That’s a huge change for them, because they were always licensing operating systems to other people. What does this mean?

Schmidt: “It means a lot if the product works.”

Mossberg: Let’s say it does.

Schmidt: “My answer stands.” Microsoft built a structural monopoly around Windows. “Produced enormous value, and a series of antitrust cases, which they lost.” So is that the right model to solve problems? I would argue that we’ve evolved to a new model, like with Android. “We’re going to see an explosion of integrated hardware/software solutions.”

Mossberg: Can some other company make a truly integrated device that’s comparable to what Apple does and Microsoft is trying to do?

Schmidt: Google is doing that with Chromebooks.

When asked about Microsoft, he said the following.

Mossberg: Why did you keep Microsoft out of the Gang of Four?

Schmidt: They’re a well-run company, but they haven’t been able to bring state-of-the-art products into the fields we’re talking about yet.

Once the pricing of Surface PCs are revealed by Microsoft, we will certainly know the result. What do you think?

Source: All Things D

  • David

    All I can say is this guy is full of shit! He is simply delusional.

    • Pirks

      LOOOL :))) Chromebooks? REALLY?? HAHAHAHAHAAAA LOOL :))) Best joke of the week! HAHAHA ROFL!

    • guesttt999

      Yeah. He should stick to commenting about his own Gangdroid products.

  • brent3000

    Gang Of Four = Google, Apple, Amazon, And Facebook
    And he says MS doesn’t bring anything “state-of-the-art”???

    • B_Sack

      MS is bringing software, services, content & devices that will make a huge dent in Google’s bottom line. What do you expect him to say?

      • just

        I expect him to say MS is going to “F” as more. 😛

        • sumedh kumar

          Hahahaha…such a response would have been hilarious 😀
          Am sure this guy and Tim cook are going to shit bricks in a couple of days… Guess they already are..

  • redtidal

    Google is getting very annoying and arrogant.

    And now delusional.

  • Njoi Fontes

    what a hell is chromebooks? Comparing that to surface is ridiculous

  • 5000

    So he’s admitting that Google products do not work. Search and maps are ok, but everything else, nothing works properly. He’s suffering a case of Surface envy, no doubt he’ll be first in line to buy one (you know, to keep tabs on the competition and all that).

  • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg

    So full of shit he is.

  • Breakingillusions

    he must be thinking its android

  • randy williams

    Mr. Eric has his head so far up his ass and has a complete hate for Microsoft so strong that he wants them to burn.. Wow Eric really??? You make me wanna leave Android so much sooner. Please oh please Nokia please bring the Nokia Lumia 920 to Verizon so I can get off this pretentious OS…

    • Bugbog

      I’ve noticed for quite awhile now just how much Google has modeled itself after the old Microsoft.

      I’ve also noticed just how much of a massive dick envy they have of them too!

      • linus

        +1. So, they might be significant in PC arena 10 years down the road. Just like how MS started with the corporate back in the 90s.

  • TheHumanOracle

    Obviously very nervous about the upcoming competition MS is bringing.

  • Sam Brown

    This is silly. He can’t honestly believe what he’s saying.

  • sumedh kumar

    What the hell is a chromebook… ???? And No, I am not living under any rock..
    Chromebook sounds like a flop movie which never hit the theatres…

    • Bugbog

      Imagine a Linux Netbook.

      Then shrink that market share (the no. of above units in the wild) by 99.99%!

  • Truthhz

    Schmidt is bitter because Microsoft kicked his butt twice while Schmidt worked at Sun Microsystems and at Novell. He doesn’t really believe that crap.

  • TonyFinlay

    Bit rich for Google to talk of Anti-trust when they are using their advantage in the search market unfairly to shove Chrome down your throat at every opportunity and then of course their browser forces Google search down your throat when you fire it up and then proceeds to gobble up all of your information.

    It’s amazing how skewed peoples’ mindset is; they had no problems with MS getting taken to the cleaners because of IEs integration into windows, (which I agree was a joke at the time) but relatively harmless to the man on the street, but the fact that not a single fuck is given to the fact that Google datamines the shit out of their users via Chrome and sells it on to the highest bidder fucking astounds me.

    It’s one of the things that has kept me on FF which is slowly becoming worse by the day.

  • Avatar Roku

    It’s funny how the gang of whatever hates Google now and don’t want to work with them at all anymore. Apple hates Google. Amazon hates Google. Facebook hates Google. Microsoft hates Google. Twitter hates Google. Yahoo hates Google. Google has to be the most unliked company in the tech world today because they have attempted to back stab every singe successful tech company.

    • Bugbog

      “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours I’ll steal!”

      • wp77

        Hey! “Don’t be Evil”

    • darthtigris

      Good points. Isn’t he the only one that has used this Gang of Four monicker?

  • tropolite

    BAAAHAHAAHAHAA,,, that was funny!
    Ohh, he was serious?
    Windows 8 will work – so will Surface.
    This is how companies continue to develop and grow. Look at the way the trend is and adapt. People know what happens when the cart builders didn’t shift their tac and start building cars. Yep, they aren’t in business. Microsoft are doing the same thing – adapting and strategically moving forward to what consumers are after.

  • Bugbog

    I believe we’d have to go right to the deepest bottom of Mount Doom to find a blacker piece of Coal than the one that is coating this guy’s Kettle!!

  • namikral

    Thats the end of Google products

  • SpydaWebPhotog

    Was that fear in his words? He’s right to be afraid though. Android on tablets hasn’t done as well as you’d expect, all things considered. Microsoft has a very real opportunity to win the market. I’m not liking the pricing that’s being announced for RT tablets thus far. Microsoft has the opportunity to set a standard on pricing for the rest of their market to follow, otherwise people will continue to buy iPads over them.

  • Zicoz

    Schmidt: They’re a well-run company, but they haven’t been able to bring state-of-the-art products into the fields we’re talking about yet.
    Uhm, Microsoft is probably the company with the widest array of SOTA products.
    And when he at an earlier point says that Chromebooks is comparable to what Apple and Microsoft does it just get silly.

  • surface8

    he is a looser

  • dablackreaper

    isnt Google itself under scrutiny for anti trust issues related to mail and maps???
    also, What exactly is the gang of four??

    • darthtigris

      I had to go search for what it was, because I had never heard of it. First thing search came up with was some political stuff in China. Then went to Wikipedia and lots of uses but nothing to do with this. So I searched again with ‘google’ in the terms and finally found it. It’s honestly no big deal, just something he came up with for positioning purposes, nothing that’s an actual entity.

  • Pookiewood

    Loving these comments! Schmidt is a dumbass! I also think Apple is dumb for getting in bed with Google with this Gang of Four junk and then vowing to nuke them. The Surface looks looks like a great device and all he can do is bring up Chrome books? WTF? Not even in MS’s league with that junk. I’ve yet to see a chromebook on sale in stores. I really wasn’t looking since I don’t want to end up in google data mining farm. I don’t use google ANYTHING. They got really lucky with the stolen Android that looked like Bizarro world iOS when it first came out. Before that they were a rip off of Yahoo search. Look how long their mail client was chunky and ugly. Google sucks!

  • Beezer

    So full of himself. There are people that I admire in the industry, but this guy doesn’t even come close. Pathetic.

  • Bhairav Pardiwala

    Wow the only truthfull comment ever said for WOA!!

  • defg

    they wanna build platform to replace driver on a car?
    i hope it wouldn’t happen. technology & innovation is suppose to be help people, not replace people. poor chauffer & other transport driver :(

    • 1bens

      this is the best “out of nowhere” comment so far!

      • defg

        you wouldn’t say that if you fully watch the video :(

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    We are about 2 weeks from when Windows 8 lands.

    Where the heck are the dates when the surface will land? Also, where is the pricing of those said devices?

    I want said device, but all it is currently is vaporware. I have the money in my hand to buy one, but I want a confirmed date when it will land AND how much it costs, since I need to know those!

    • NoHatin

      Oct 26th, through the Microsoft Store. It was announced in their July 26th Annual Report. As for pricing, no official word – just speculation between $400 and $500 according to some analysts. But, definitely not vaporware.

    • Dave

      Jezus Christ do you have to troll everywhere without verbose retarded nonsense? And still nothing more original than vapourware?

      • Dave

        *with that, damnit.

  • darthtigris

    Question: what have you seen more in the wild or heard more praise about, Windows Phone’s or Chromebooks …?

  • PhilVoid

    I remember the ‘driverless’ car when GM did it decades ago down I-696/I-94. Wow, real innovative. Hope Eric isn’t hoping for any lack of ‘prior-art’, as he eludes to patent trolls with such disdain.

  • grs_dev

    Eric who? Who is this idiot? Why do people even listen to him still? I mean isn’t it bad enough what he did to Sun?

  • PhilVoid

    This guy is a tool. He sits there and hits talking point after talking point.
    Leaving out Microsoft, “That was deliberate.” Erics overestimation of Facebook over Microsoft is an arrogant fallacy based on personal vendetta, not realism.

    (23:15) Google is OK with patenting things (purchasing patents), but Eric feels others defending patents are “patent trolls”

    (30:00) He denies the idea of “standards essential patents”.. oh, “I cannot actually talk about that…” He “[does not] understand the details very well” (his words) and “It gets me too upset”. Yet he is ok fighting XBox for using h.264.. Seems like a convenient mindset. So, why must Google search these 200,000 prior art issues?

    (30:47) “These patent wars are death” – NEWSFLASH, Eric. Not for people that innovate.

    (30:58) Germans as ‘victims’. Realistic view: a new trick? or a valid law?

    (31:50) Quality of patents? Yours are quality, others…? patent trolling. The USPTA would likely disagree of any qualitative/quantitative differentiation such as Eric does.

  • meetarnav

    Comparing a chromebook to the MS Surface??? What have you been smoking Schmidt. Google is an arrogant company full of arrogant idiots!!

  • kfield

    You leave out your competition when you’re afraid of them.