Ericsson Completes Acquisition Of Microsoft’s Mediaroom

Microsoft MediaRoom

Back in April, Microsoft announced that it is selling its Mediaroom business to Ericsson in an effort to focus on Xbox LIVE TV experience. Mediaroom is the still world’s most deployed IPTV platform which is serving almost 13 million consumer. Ericsson today announced that they are completing the acquisition today to make it as world leader in IPTV solution provider.

Read full press release below.

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) has today completed the acquisition of Microsoft’s Mediaroom business and TV solution. Together with Ericsson’s existing capability, the acquisition places the firm as the world’s largest, by market share, and the most experienced provider of IPTV middleware technology and solutions.

As the most deployed IPTV platform, with a global market share of around 25%, Mediaroom-powered TV services are offered by nearly 60 of the world’s leading operators, delivering services to almost 13 million households, and close to 24 million set top boxes, throughout the world.

Per Borgklint, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit Support Solutions at Ericsson said: “This acquisition places us even more securely at the heart of an exciting and highly innovative industry. IPTV subscribers alone are predicted to grow by more than 18% each year to reach 105 million subscribers and revenue of USD 45 b. by 2015. By incorporating Mediaroom into our broad portfolio of solutions we will ensure our customers have the ultimate partner as they transform towards true TV Anywhere multi-screen services and optimized video delivery in any network”

Alongside some of the largest and most innovative telecoms operator customers and a world renowned telecoms video brand and solution, the acquisition brings to Ericsson a skilled team with deep experience in the development and delivery of innovative IPTV services.

Mediaroom is based in Mountain View, California, and is comprised of more than 400 people worldwide. The former Mediaroom business unit, including staff, will be integrated into the Ericsson group under the Business Unit Support Solutions, and will be called Ericsson Mediaroom as of today.

Today’s closing follows the announcement on April 8, 2013, that Ericsson was entering into an agreement to purchase Microsoft’s Mediaroom business.

  • Yuan Taizong

    This is a sad day, Microsoft Mediaroom was an innovative and well integrated platform, Microsoft should’ve renaimed it ”Xbox TV” and integrateded it into the Xbox One, well at-least Microsoft made a small profit out of it :-)

  • Cruncher

    This is a stupid move. They should have integrated this into Xbox One. I am a customer of Germans T-Online IPTV offer “Entertain” which is using Mediaroom. It gets clearer every week, that Xbox Ones TV features are US only.
    I have still an Xbox One on preorder, but I am heavily disappointed. Microsoft is again missing to cater to their international customers.