European Commission Antitrust Chief Not Satisfied With Google’s Proposal


Google already made a proposal to European Commission to resolve the antitrust cases against it. While the competitors and the are not happy about Google’s proposal, European Commission antitrust chief Joaquin Almunia also expressed his concern about Google’s proposal.

Speaking on Spanish national radio, European Commission antitrust chief Joaquin Almunia said Google’s latest round of proposals in October don’t “eliminate our concerns regarding competition.” Specifically, he cited the way that Google treats rivals such as review service Yelp and price comparison shopping services.

He also said that Google has little more time to respond and act accordingly to avoid any huge fines. Few years back, EC made Microsoft pay about $2 billion for cases regarding Internet Explorer.

Read more from AP.

  • kevin

    Hope the fine hurts

    • XB_Mod

      Even if it was 10 billion, it wouldn’t hurt Google.

      Google needs to be regulated, simple and plain. If they get away with a fine, they will continue with expanding and making enimies along the way with no regard to anything.

      EU has been extremely tough on Microsoft…but soft on Apple and Google and that has really hurt Microsoft, image-wise and customer-wise. I think the only solution is to stop the madness and kick Google’s @$$.

      • Nham Thien Duong

        I completely agree, Apple and Google need to get real fines, Microsoft was a horrible company in the past, but they have been ”corrected” for their behaviour and are now the leaders in supporting charities and taking care of its employees, Google & Apple need to learn this hard-lesson, Apple even called poor people ”a junk market” and the media praised them for it/ (see: the iPhone in India) and Microsoft still gets smack for everything they do, so Apple and Google would actually deserve this.

        Most people use Google, on Google’s main-page you see YouTube and Google’s other, ALL other services (Google wallet, Google shopping, Gmail, Google Drive, Google+, Google Images, Blogger, Google News, Google Play, Google Calendar, Google Books, Google Translate, Google Maps and Google+ Photo’s), yet no-one protests this, if Microsoft had Microsoft Wallet, [Bing Shopping is no more],, Microsoft SkyDrive, Microsoft, Microsoft Bing Images, [Windows Live Spaces also no more], Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer, Microsoft Bing News, the Windows Store, the Windows Phone Store, the Microsoft Calendar, [no books app], Microsoft’s the Bing Translator, Microsoft’s Bing Maps and Windows Photo’s people would scream that Microsoft would publish them on Bing to ”kill the competition”.

        Instead Microsoft only has the M.S.N. (Microsoft Network) and on the first page of Bing, Google actually has YouTube there, ¿Why doesn’t the European Union ask them to place Vimeo and others as competitors? Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on the other hand is heavily regulated, it’s really sad that everyone is somehow biased against Microsoft (which innovates a lot, but not all innovations are visible to the comsumer’s eyes) while they praise Apple & Google (who just make pretty things for the consumers to see).

        • Nham Thien Duong

          Google reduced the number of services and apps they have, ¿how many people know Bing for Business or Microsoft WebMatrix? you can literally learn about a new Microsoft Cloud-App every day that you’ve never heard of prior, yet Google places their stuff on page 1 (which I’ll admit is superior marketing).

          • ShaggingComa15

            I agree which the concept of “superior marketing” but the question is why shipping IE on windows is not superior marketing and is forced to provide users the way to not just bypass it but fall into competition?

          • xma1e

            MS was forced to include the browser selector so that people get to chose other browsers rather than just IE.

          • ShaggingComa15

            @xma1e:disqus that’s exactly what I said. If ms must give people choice over IE then google must give people choice over YouTube, android, gmail, etc.