Even before Haswell Intel plans to release lower-power Ivy Bridge chips


CNET reports that according to an industry source “familiar with” Intel’s plans, the chipmaker will be tweaking their Ivy Bridge processor to achieve even lower power ratings.

The chip currently uses around 17 watts, compared to the 2 watts of ARM chipsets, and the 10 watt Haswell chipsets is set to only arrive in 2014.

In 2013 however CNET predicts Intel will be working at reducing the power consumption  of current design Ivy Bridge processors to make them more suitable for tablets.

Of course Intel does have its Atom range, which competes better with ARM chips, but with low power consumption also comes lower performance, which often turn away buyers hoping to do real work with their x86 hybrid tablets.

Unfortunately it is unlikely the chips will be ready for the Microsoft Surface Pro, which is expected to be released with current generation Ivy Bridge processors at the end of January 2013, but who knows, both Intel and Microsoft may surprise us.

Read more at CNET.com.

  • Bugbog

    Waiting on Intel. Should be a sticker somewhere in Microsoft for that.

  • IIMurphaII

    So a 10W TDP Ivy Bridge chip? Interesting. Intel needs to hurry up and get those Out-of-Order execution Atoms out the door; would be a great middle ground between ARM on Windows RT and Core i in Windows 8. Current Atoms are a little slow

  • inyourbase

    Let’s be clear here, “Ivy Bridge” doesn’t have a TDP of 17w. Ivy Bridge actually spans a whole range of TDPs from about 17w (mobile chips, with ultra-low voltages) all the way up to 55w in mobile and 77w in desktop and 87w in server. No desktop or server chip hits 17w.
    A minor point, but it’s important to note, because not all Ivy Bridges are created equal :)

    Also, Intel are known to be able to create custom chips for a specific company if they need it, and companies who sell the final products don’t advertise this. There’s every possibility that the Surface Pro will ship with an already reduced TDP ivy Bridge.

    • guest

      Good point about the varying TDPs.

      On the MS/INTEL thing though, it’d be nice to think they had collaborated like that. But there’s plenty of bad blood between them. And given the secrecy in which MS developed Surface, my guess is they wouldn’t have trusted Intel enough to share their plans with them. And even now that it’s public I don’t think there would be near enough time to redesign for another chip. So I’m thinking it’ll be something off-the-shelf, unfortunately.

  • Tirinti

    Haswell is scheduled to be released in Q2 2013 not 2014.

    • pkex

      Maybe the 10W one will be released 2014 while the full voltage ones in Q2 2013