Even Windows RT Devices Are Now Available At Discounted Prices

Dell XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet

Few hours ago, we reported about Microsoft Store offering great deals on few Windows 8 touch devices. HP ENVY x2, Acer Iconia W510, Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro and Toshiba Satellite U925t are available at discounted price. Now, it seems Windows RT devices are also available at discounted prices.

  • Dell’s XPS 10 is now US$449 for a 32GB model, down $50 off the original launch price. The 64GB model is $499, down from the original $599 price.
  • Asus VivoTab RT is available at Amazon.com for $382 with 32GB of storage, which is down from its $599 launch price.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 is now available for $599 , which is down from the original $799 price and Amazon is selling a model for $499.99.

Read more about it from the link below.

via: Computerworld

  • Bugbog

    It’s all good!

  • dcmobi

    where are all the trolls to talk about how this is evidence that windows 8 is a failure

  • kalval

    That is what these devices should have cost at launch. Despite windows 8 being a premium experience compared to iOs and android the fact is that at launch and even now has an app shortage. What are users supposed to do with their tablets if they can’t use apps? Sure you can install legacy apps on full win8 tablets but that is not ideal. Windows rt is great for productivity out of the box but most users want their tablets to do other things too. Microsoft needs to get these into the hands of users to get the app count ticking over, and that requires a reasonable price.

    • DW

      I agreed. It was a mistake to charge the prices they did. Oh and they should have included Outlook with RT.