Ex-Microsoft Employee Given 3 Months In Prison And Few Hundred Dollars Fine For Windows 8 Related Leaks

Former Microsoft employee Alex Kibkalo has pleaded guilty to stealing the Redmond software giant’s trade secrets back in April. He was also the person who leaked “Activation Server Software Development Kit,” a propriety system that is used by Microsoft and its OEM partners to prevent the unauthorized copying of Microsoft programs to French blogger Canouna. Kibkalo and federal prosecutors reached an agreement in which prosecutors were recommending a 3-month prison sentence for Kibkalo, as well as a payment of $22,500 in restitution to Microsoft.

Yesterday, Judge John C. Coughenour from the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington three months in prison and ordered Kibkalo to pay only a $100 fine!

Read more about the case from the source link below.

via: Geekwire

  • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

    Sure they will find some security holes in him there.

  • borhan48

    Good job arresting him.

  • Alan

    That sentence is nowhere near enough, he attempted to profit from leaking trade secrets.

  • DTM

    This guy really got off

  • Malcolm Williams

    But it’s not bad. The sentence seemed appropriate enough…he told someone about what happens at Microsoft but he didn’t leak it to everyone. And neither did Canouna…

    For once it seems an appropriate sentence which is surprising all things considered

  • jvs

    Sentence: ban to use any Microsoft products and/or services, can only use Apple products.

    • nohone

      We have laws against cruel and unusual punishment in this country. That is too mean and vindictive.

  • blackjesus

    Take into acct that this guy will never work in tech again and he has a 22K bill for what he did. I would say that his career is permanently over.

    Edit: They decided it was $100? That is low. But he will have no career so….