Extended version of Microsoft Surface ad released


In addition to their series of ads for Microsoft’s new tablet- the Surface, Microsoft has released the extended version of their first surface advert on YouTube as a treat to their fans. 

The surface tablet was officially released on the 26th, and the 32 GB version is currently sold out in the United States.  While Microsoft has not yet released official figures it appears early sales are going well.  Early projections has Microsoft selling between 3 and 5 million Surface this holiday season. The Surface Pro Windows 8-based tablet will hit the market in January 2013.

Check out the school children breakdancing alongside their Surface tablets in the video below.

Watch more Surface ads on the official Microsoft Surface YouTube channel.

  • GG002


    • xSpartanx

      yeh, cant wait to get surface pro or Samsung ativ smart pc pro

  • inyourbase

    lol, makes me smile all the time. That’s cool, nice one MSFT

  • koenshaku

    Very nice now bring forth the surface pro ^_^

  • http://twitter.com/Makavelli_Jrw Mr.InTernaTionaL

    Lil dude should have had more time in the video looks like he could have added just a lil bit more flair to an already great commercial..

  • dablackreaper

    Kids got talent!!!

  • techieg

    Cute! However, MS needs serious commercials, I mean this is about kids dancing, seems more like an ad for great school uniforms/shoes. Competitors did not get where they are with such ads. I am still saying MS needs simple and straightforward ads with just the device, a plain background, two hands, and a voice over, showing everyday use case scenarios of the richness of the user experience. That will drive the message home better. All of this is not really showcasing the device but users’ lifestyles. MS marketing department needs to wake up.

    • PoohGQ

      Did you ever see the ads for Twitter back in 2007? I ride the tube in Boston and they were plastered all over. Although I didn’t know what Twitter was back then, the adds grabbed my attention. This ad above really grabs young people’s attention. This is good advertising because it creates curiosity which in turn grabs your attention to want to know more about the product it’s selling. I can’t seem to get my friend’s 10 year old from youtube because he likes seeing the girls in the original ad. I wonder what will happen after he’s sees this version!

  • Smity Smiter

    other than the really great dance + music, the ad has nothing to do with Surface. Kids dancing with Surface in their hands imply nothing..

  • Andrew

    This is a REAL tablet. Not a crap like all with android. MS FTW!

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.wiseman.739978 Paul Wiseman

    The best commercial for WP so far is the Meet Steve commercial. basically showed the phone and the features that applied to him. No music just features. Nokia almost went there with a group of people saying this is my phone. But nothing was really shown. The need to simplify, so there is a message just not a attempt to be hip.