Facebook App For Windows 8/RT Devices To Be Released In October

Facebook Windows Store

Back in June along with the announcement about Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft revealed that official apps for Facebook, Foursquare, NFL Fantasy Football and Flipboard are coming to Windows 8/RT devices. Foursquare and NFL Fantasy Football apps are already available in Windows Store. Official Windows twitter account for Spain has tweeted that official Facebook app for Windows 8/RT devices is coming in Windows Store along with the release of Windows 8.1.

We already know that Windows 8.1 is releasing on Oct 18th, so expect the Facebook in Windows Store around the same time frame.

Source: Windows Spain via: WindowsPhoneapps.es

  • Sean_Baiden

    excited! though I am downgrading to win 7 bcos i can’t find drivers for my graphic card ( AMD 7670m) . if only HP got their shit together .

    • Jonathan Roberts

      Same issue here. I refreshed my computer and i can no longer use some metro apps due to a wifi driver issue. Very frustrating.

    • Emily the Strange

      and what has HP had to do with AMD and their drivers? what driver you have from AMD? did you run the Beta 13.10?. you shouldnt go to HP for the graphics card, but rather you should go to AMD site… they have 13.4 and a beta of 13.10 which supports win 8.1. sometimes you cant trust oems for this kind of thing. (I know they should care but they wont)

  • Charles

    Awesome! Although, there is already a nifty app that integrates all social media in Windows 8 out of the box. I guess everyone likes thier siloed experiences. Can’t wait for the upgraded features of 8.1, but already loved the Windows 8 enhancements over Windows 7.

    • flobo

      Facebook Integration is partialy going away in 8.1, no more message or calendar sync, the only thing left is social updates.

      • Charles

        Hmmm, I guess we will see.

  • panagiώtis

    it will be an official app or an app made by MS like the WP version? and if it official does this mean we gonna see an official app for WP8 too at the same time?

  • Yuan Taizong

    The Facebook on Windows would be a good thing, but I’d rather just have the Facebook-Messenger without all the social non-sense.