Facebook app spotted in Surface ad, or another Angry Birds fiasco in the making?


While we recently had an indication that Facebook is not in fact in the process of building a Facebook app for Windows RT, the above Surface ad certainly suggests such an app is in the offing.

While the large Facebook live tile in the top left is suggestive, we must recall that on at least one occasion Microsoft used the logo of an app without any app being in development, that being when they used the Angry Birds logo without Rovio’s permission in a WP7 promotion.

We do think in the end Facebook will have make an app for the Windows Metro environment, and they might as well come around sooner rather than later, but the tile in the ad is likely not evidence enough.

Via Neowin.net

  • http://twitter.com/Jens_v Jens Veraa

    Was at a Windows 8 presentation at Microsoft Belgium a few weeks ago and asked about a Facebook app for Win8.
    Said no app is in development because the people app should take over that functionality and for other actions there’s facebook by using the web.

    • blackhawk556

      people app in my Surface is extremely buggy. It always crashes and I’m out of ideas of what to try next to try and fix it.

      • mikelo90


        • blackhawk556

          Tried it already and it still crashes. I have to open app, let its crash, and reopen it in order for it to refresh.
          Sent from my Windows Phone

          • mikelo90

            I had that problem with the Release Preview, but it works fine for me now. I hope they update it soon so it gets fixed for you too.

  • http://www.taschen-pcs.de Fabius Engel

    No reason for an app if I have an browser 😉

    • Ken Wu

      There are still many reasons to have an app especially with Win8’s snap view and inter-app sharing, Search functions etc. Currently on People app you can’t search/add people, upload photo/album, view Groups in FB. On Photos app, you can’t share a picture to FB, tag people, etc. I have been using ‘MINE for Facebook’ app in the Windows store, it has many of the features I mentioned and is much better comparing to People app at the moment. Hopefully either People app get upgraded with all the features or MSFT/FB will develop an FB app eventually.

    • ammarmalik1

      great. lets kill all the apps then. start visiting hotmail and gmail in the browser too

      • http://www.taschen-pcs.de Fabius Engel

        With IE10 there are possiblities for live tiles with websites…
        sorry for short and bad answer no nativ english speaker :)

    • http://twitter.com/bronzekid91 Maxi J. ✨

      Oh c’mon , that is the kind of attitude that kills Windows 8 even more . Microsoft is not at the luxury of saying ” Oh no we don’t have that app , but u can use the browser :)
      People are going to ask for apps , specially for the mobile world, the lack of a twitter , instagram, tumblr, and banking apps in the marketplace store are hurting windows 8 and windows phone. It may be because people like you that try to mask the flaws that windows 8 is not selling well.

      • http://www.facebook.com/koekenberg Chris Koekenberg

        I agree i’m huge fan of Windows 8 and WindowsPhone but i’m still missing apps that i need…and i takes too long i’m afraid i’m switching back to iPhone again. Although i don’t want it because i really like WP but iOS just has the apps.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.crawcour Ryan CrawCour

      the browser is in no way optimised for a touch interface. in fact most of their web page relies on things like mouse overs etc. none of which will work in a touch interface.

  • http://twitter.com/surilamin surilamin

    You can pin websites to the start screen, so it provides an easy excuse for Microsoft. Facebook is not developing an app for Win8 at this time. They were very reluctant to release an app for the ipad, remember?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Tom/100001144097567 Gavin Tom

      Well they (Facebook) finally publicly admitted most of the traffic comes from mobile devices and that they are putting that development at the forefront. Again though, this was really recent probably not gonna see fruition for another few months.

  • tN0

    Don’t read too much into this because the Start screen is obviously just a terrible mock-up. The Mail and Travel apps have tiles with wrong colors.

  • GGlazer

    I wouldn’t expect an app. I’ve read that Zuckerberg really doesn’t like all these apps. They’re a development hog and in the end the stats on use are super low. More people access facebook through their webpage even when they have an app. Personally I think apps are just a stop gap measure until the web technologies are at a point that they can offer a seamless experience no matter what platform you’re on. In the meantime we’re stuck with crappy apps.

    • ikissfutebol

      While I agree with you, Microsoft has partial ownership in facebook… not like they are making any money on dividends by it, but I’m sure that invested money years before the IPO will help them. Look at WP7… I think it’s easily the best looking smartphone app out of the lot. Actually, I like it better than looking at facebook with a proper desktop web browser… if I could delete/edit posts from it, I’d never use it with a proper browser.

  • Goto

    When you pin a website to the start it is the smallest size, a square. There is no option to make it wider.

  • scarfinv

    It’s not an app, it’s just the Facebook website pinned to the start screen! Click on it and it opens up in IE.

    • Jukoi

      Actually no, if you pin FB to the start screen (I have it like that) you only get a small tile and that’s it.

  • deathdealer351

    could be Facebook touch

  • http://www.facebook.com/asptheone Abraham Soto

    For what I need an useless Facebook app? When you can open Facebook on the browser? IDIOTIC !!!

  • jimski27

    But the Facebook web UI absolutely sucks. I only visit when I have a video to link, which is too much trouble to do from my phone. Apps usually have lass features, but a better, more organized experience.

  • http://twitter.com/counterblow the person

    listen, all you punk f*ckers saying “use a browser” need to go jump in a 6 ft hole. Facebook on tablet browsers suck. The touch version of Facebook on tablets sucks. only a proper app that maximizes the screen real estate and the unique features of Windows 8 is acceptable.