Facebook For Windows App Updated With Smileys Sticker Pack, Edit Posts Support And More


Facebook Windows App

The official Facebook for Windows app just got updated with lots of new features. It now supports Smileys sticker pack, editing posts, adding photos to particular album and more. Read the full list of features below.

New features:

– 320 snap view for the whole app
– Smileys sticker pack
– Profile pic sync
– New Stories indicator
– Create albums from photos page
– Add photos directly into an album
– Search thread names when choosing conversation members
– Refresh in Nearby
– Improved toast notifications to remove already seen messages, old stories, etc.
– Edit Posts
– Edit post privacy
– Edit Comments
– Copy link to post
– Add/Remove people from groups
– Add friends to lists
– Delete photos

Great to see Facebook actively developing this app with steady stream of updates every month.

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

via: mackins


  • http://www.todayinwindows.com/ Ian Aldrighetti

    I don’t think this is right… They have had the smileys sticker pack for awhile, so they probably have had the rest of the additions as well. I wouldn’t know for sure on the others, but I think they were just doing some bug fixes (like notifications for stuff I already viewed on other devices still appearing on my Surface).

    I don’t care for the app anyways, the comments view is useless.

  • http://uzairsajid.com/ Uzair Sajid

    I think you’ve reposted the old changelog. These features were already present in the existing app. If the app was updated (so hard to tell because of Automatic Updates), then there isn’t a new changelog to go around with it. My guess: General bug fixes and performance improvements.

    • Jeff Hung

      It’s a shame that Windows Store doesn’t support (or enforce) dated changelog. And I always don’t understand: why these app developers who already spend countless hours on adding features and debugging don’t bother to take just another 10 minutes to write a changelog.
      Isn’t it just like adding a comment when committing the changed code to the revision control server before going home everyday?

  • BeefNeegroidMaster

    My cunt needs shafts

  • Trinh Dong

    Changelogs should be:
    – Ability of creating group
    – Turn off chat
    – (Buggy) reply arrangement in comment
    – Bug fixes and improvements

    Did I miss something?

    • Trinh Dong

      And a bunch of Interest (Sports, Movies, etc) too. xD