Facebook looking to buy Microsoft’s ad platform?


AllThingsDigital reports that  Facebook is in negotiations with Microsoft about acquiring advertising technology that could allow Facebook to displays ads on other websites, much like Google does now.

The product in question is called Atlas Solutions, acquired by Microsoft as part of their $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive in 2007.

The sale is expected to net Microsoft only a few tens of millions of dollars, and is more significant for what it represents – Facebook, the internet’s biggest destination, taking on Google head to head in what is their only cash cow. The clash of the titans will focus Google’s mind on what’s really important, and distract them from their side businesses which have been subsidized by the river of cash generated by AdSense.

Facebook and Microsoft representatives declined to comment.

Via Dailynews.com

  • sixseven

    Microsoft, be sure to include in the deal that Facebook must develop premier apps for all of its services (including instagram) for Windows Store and WP8 in a timely fashion.

    • blackhawk556

      yup! I would definitely include this in the contract

      • Tips_y

        Good idea, that! But like you I’m also wondering what will MS benefit from it.

  • blackhawk556

    how exactly will this benefit MS?

    • c1ee

      Enemy of my enemy? ALso MS owns 10% of FB