Facebook’s Oculus Agrees To Buy Design Firm Which Created Xbox 360 Controller, Original Kinect And More

XBox One Controller Back

Today, Oculus announced that they are planning to acquire the Carbon Design team, one of the premier industrial design and product engineering teams in the industry. Carbon Design has designed the popular products like Xbox 360 controller, Original Kinect, Microsoft Touch mouse and more.

“A few seconds with the latest Oculus prototypes and you know that virtual reality is for real this time. From a design and engineering perspective, building the products that finally deliver consumer virtual reality is one of the most interesting and challenging problem sets ever.

This is an entirely open product category. With consumer VR at its inception, the physical architectures are still unknown — We’re on the cutting edge of defining how virtual reality looks, feels, and functions.

We’re incredibly excited to be part of the team and we’re looking forward to helping design the future.”

– Peter Bristol, Creative Director at Carbon Design

Source: Oculus

  • kevin

    Get the feeling their buying these select companies in the hope that those own this products will buy that Rift thing.

    • Jim Cherry

      In this case I think they are trying to avoid what happened to the ooya and what may be happening in some ways to the steam box. That is where your controller gets panned by critics and that hurts your ability to sale your product to the mass market.

  • Blaze Blue

    Why is there a picture of Xbox one controller and instead of the 360.