Few Microsoft Surface Units Facing Faulty Magnet System

Few Microsoft Surface units which were sold initially came with faulty Touch keyboards and Microsoft replaced them for their customers. It seems few other devices are now facing faulty magnetic systems. As you can see in the video above, when keyboard is attached to the tablet, the tape along with magnets on the tablet gets attached to the keyboard due to the weak tape/strong magnet in the Surface unit.

As expected, Microsoft Support is replacing the faulty devices with new ones. So if your Surface faced similar issue, its time to call the Microsoft Support team.

Thanks Steve for the heads up.

Source: Microsoft Surface forums

  • http://twitter.com/counterblow the person

    I can’t believe you picked up this bullshit lead without vetting it some more. No one knows what it is they are doing to cause this, but the cast majority of Surface owners don’t have this problem.

  • Porkistanis_suck

    BS the dude’s Google shirt is a giveaway FUD

  • Porkistanis_suck

    BS the dude’s Google shirt is a giveaway FUD

    • jagster

      I’ve seen some of his other video’s and he gives very fair reviews from what I’ve seen. Unlike most of the web reviewers out there that just have an automatic anti-Microsoft slant to their reviews and posts, this guy seems to point out the good and the bad without exaggerating and making mountains out of molehills.

      I’m actually surprised that he chose a refund instead of replacement but I suspect he has his eye on the Surface Pro and figured he would just take the refund now and put that toward the Pro next month.

  • http://twitter.com/woodbane_andy Andy T.

    And for the LOVE OF GOD…learn how to use correct grammar and proof read before you post an article!

  • http://twitter.com/NH3MAN22 NH3 Tech

    I’m sorry but I cannot for the life of me understand what this article is saying. I’ve reread it several times but just what is he trying to say ?????

    • Targus

      Replace all the “few” by “a few” and try again.

  • GG002

    I made a calculation on how approx. many times I’ve coupled+decoupled my Touch Cover. About 500 times since I got my Surface, 1½ months ago. I love being able to use my Surface any way I please, with or without keyboard. I use my Surface more than my laptop. No magnet strip has come off, not even nearly.

  • Bono

    I think I have come down with a case the “few”. This article is BS and makes me Ill. I have had my Surface since release in October and not one sign of wear.

  • dsn7287

    As a Microsoft supporter I can honestly say this was an issue I had with my Surface. Nothing a little super glue couldn’t fix though! No issues since!

  • Bobolinho

    Well, if he wanted to bash them he wouldn’t say they where very helpful in the store.

  • aaaaaaaaaa

    This exact issue happened to my surface 1 month after I got it. I barely used it.