Fhotoroom for Windows 8 and RT now available

Fhotoroom Color Balance Filter

Community Award Winning Photo App on Windows Phone now comes to Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Fhotoroom brings +90 powerful photo editing, photo styles, light leaks, and frames in one clean, elegant and easy to use UI. The key features of fhotoroom are

  • Native x86, x64 and ARM CPU’s
  • Upto 16MP photos
  • 15 Editing Tools like Crop, Exposure, Saturation, Rotate, Sharpen, Flip, Mirror, Black and White Point
  • 22 Beautiful Styles that give your photo a unique feel and atmosphere.
  • 21 Light Leaks that give your photo a classic camera lens look.
  • 22 Picture Frames and Borders to give your photo that perfect finishing touch.
  • Editing Brush that allows you to draw saturation, brightness, darkness, softness, sharpen, denoise, and red eye removal.
  • 9 Vignettes
  • Supports layouts for both Portrait and Landscape.

Unlike the phone, fhotoroom for Win8 brings much more professional level tools to the tablet with support for upto 16MP photos (the largest presently supported by any editing app for Windows RT).

In addition, some simple filters on the phone are now power filters on the tablet, such as Color which has the ability to adjust Saturation, White Balance, RGB Contrast and RGB Color Adjust of Highlights, Shadows and Midtones. As well as Exposure (Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, White Point and Black Point), Sharpen (Large and Medium), Denoise (Blur, Threshold) and our New Edit Brush which brings amazing photo manipulation to the tip of your figure.

Fhotoroom also offers users an in-app purchase to upgrade to the Pro version which cost $1.49 and is a single 1 time purchase of all future updates and features.

Upcoming feature: Sharing, Browsing, Lens Correction, Chromatic Aberration Correction, and HDR Filter just to mention a few.

You can find fhotoroom in the Store here.

Fhotoroom Edit Brush

  • GG002

    Huh? I’ve had Fhotoroom on my Win 8 laptop for over a week already.

  • ale91g

    OLD -.-“

  • arrow2010

    So this is Instagram without the social network and douchebags?

    • http://www.modernlifetips.com/Adriel_Mingo Adriel D. Mingo

      lol It does have a Social network though, it was first found on WP7 and even had online access from PC before the Big anf mighty Instagram did.

  • alukard

    Hmm…as others have stated this app has been out for a while now, thus old news. That said, thanks for getting round to it and bringing the stellar app to the fore for those that may have missed it.