Finally, Microsoft Has Removed The 2GB File Size Limit On OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive Logo

One of the most awaited improvements on Microsoft’s online storage service OneDrive was the individual file size limit. It was limited to 2GB for years. Microsoft already acknowledged that they are working to increase the file size limit and now they have finally done it. Many OneDrive users on Reddit are now reporting that files of sizes more than 2GB are now getting synced on their OneDrive. Microsoft may confirm this change in the coming days.

Many Dropbox users were reluctant to move to OneDrive because of this file size limit, this removal of file size limit should encourage them to move to OneDrive in the future.

Source: Reddit

  • Whislanie

    I noticed this sometime ago… I put this 4gb file last week, didn’t complain, and then I stopped it at 3gb, it was just a test. but some people probably never tried it but still said “Dropbox is better deal” when last week they announced the new pricing stuff , but then again, OneDrive shows it’s better deal, especially if you are having it through Office 365 and the 1gb it gives you

    • whatup12

      i have PST files that i sync across computers that get up to 11 gb by the end of the year…the only reason that we sustain a dropbox business account at work is for me to keep these synced. other than this, we could ditch and move to onedrive. plus, some of the sharing features still do seem to work better…

      • PoohGQ

        I would recommend OneDrive at this point; especially for business.

        • whatup12

          I use it personally though found it awkward for sharing folders. ie, it didn’t autosync what others were working on even after they increased the amount of sharing features. interestingly, my university seems to have a one drive for business account but none of the techs have any idea how to use it. maybe now with celebs having iclouds hacked, msft can capitalize and let people know about the security. also, does anyone know if the vulnerability in icloud would also affect onedrive?

          • PoohGQ

            Yup. You’re right. I can’t share folders will. I also have an issue now where a synced file it’s showing a version from 9/23/2013 if accessed from the web but a current version comes up on my PCs!

          • whatup12

            but that is an issue…for those of us who recommend this to our friends, it is embarrassing when it doesn’t work as well as dropbox, etc.

      • test

        why sync a pst file?

        • whatup12

          I sync emails across computers. my university server allows for 2gb of email so when pst file is bigger than 2gb, I need to archive. however, at that point the emails stop syncing across computer for what was archived. so I put the active PST in dropbox so that it syncs across computer so that I have access to all emails on all computer rather than putting it on thumbdrive, etc.

    • Alfred Soyemi

      Correction, with office 365, you get 1Terabyte and not Gb. Probably a typo. I got one of those for home. Any 5 devices. It was just Sweet if you ask me.

    • PoohGQ

      Unfortunately, I tried sometime late last week and couldn’t upload an ISO that was 2.1GB..

  • ZloiYuri

    And what limit will be now?

    • soder

      Now thats some minor tiny small detail these journalists dont care about. Because that would require going after the facts, instead of doing the copy-paste-publish button.

  • a7medo778

    onedrive is slow…. thats about the only thing that edge others over it

    • tofferne

      OneDrive is absolutely not slow, here it works quick. And now we can handle much bigger files.
      Together with my Office 365 license I have 5. TB included in the price 100 Euro in a year, 5 users. Amazing quality and amazing nice price, best buy and best Cloud store.

  • Pierre de Droit

    I just tried on Windows 8.1 and I still got a “file is too big” error from OneDrive so it looks to me like this is really just a false rumour.

    • 5Lk9m2Q7NR

      have you tried WP? maybe desktop client to blame?

      • Pierre de Droit

        You did notice that I wrote Windows 8.1 and not Windows 7?

  • TR

    Right in time for the fappening…

  • Mikado_Wu

    Nice…. This will help me post Soccer Matches much faster. Generally I have to convert games for my players.

  • robertwade

    I still get the “file too big” error. Maybe a slow-roll?

  • Dorian Gray

    The limit now is 10gb….

    I tested creating a file 10737418240 bytes and it uploaded with no problem… once I created the 10737418241, it gave me the error, so it seems it has to be exact 10gb or less. which is fine, not like I will be using it much since I don’t have anything that big to upload, but it’s good to know that.

    who knows if that’s the definitive limit, it might be more, but at least for me 10gb it’s the limit.