Finnish Ministers Are Not Happy About Microsoft’s Layoffs Announcement

Microsoft recently announced its plans to reduce 12,500 ex-Nokia employees as part of the reorganization announced by the new CEO Satya Nadella. This is a major blow for Finland as a country as thousands of people will go unemployed. Finland Labor and Finance ministers raised their concern about this layoffs announcement from Microsoft. Microsoft in response said, “As a responsible company, we strive to do our best to ensure that employees affected by the potential cuts are offered a variety of support measures and advice, including in finding new work.” Finland Labor minister said that Microsoft must fulfill the promise of building a data center in Finland as it announced in September last year.

Finland Labor Minister Lauri Ihalainen said the following,

“Microsoft’s intention to reduce jobs also in Finland is the bad news we feared,” Ihalainen said. “The least that can be now expected is that it creates a credible support package to those it lets go, similar to what was done with those let go from Nokia.”

Finland’s Minister of Finance, Antti Rinne said that Microsoft didn’t live up to its commitment when it announced the acquisition of Nokia,

“This is, of course, Nokia and Microsoft trade. But when the deal was made, Microsoft announced its commitment to Finland in Finnish know-how. Now, it seems that all parts of this are not met. From this point of view, I presume that the company will build a bridge from job to job, with employees from now on. “

Source: Bloomberg

  • vmxr

    if there is a fault here its nokia fault From the beginning Microsoft didn’t want low end business nokia forced them to buy all phones business in order to close the deal

    believe it or not nokia currently hiring some of these x-nokia x-Microsoft employees

    • A

      Really? Didn’t know that!

    • LexicoRed

      Silly statement, Nokia could not force Microsoft to do anything. It was the poor sales of WP that made the event unfold how they did, to keep WP from completely flatlining MS felt they had to do the purchased at all cost.

  • S Balmer

    Nokia should have went 100% android 5 years ago and they would be doing well today

    • KelvBlue

      Competing with other company while still paying a chunk of the profit to Microsoft? How well is the other Androidcompany doing?

      • Guest

        They could have forked Android to use their services or used google services but made services cross platform Apps.

    • xma1e

      That’s nonsense, i suppose 5 years ago you predicted Samsung would dominate over HTC.

  • xma1e

    What do people expect when a company gets taken over!