First 7-inch Bay Trail Windows 8 Tablet Demoed (Video)

Today Microsoft provided a detailed glimpse of Windows 8.1 at Computex.  One of the devices shown off is a 7-inch tablet code named “Lyon” by ODM Inventec.  It is important to note that this is a reference design only, and it is not something that will not be directly sold to consumers.  Not only is this the first 7-inch Windows 8 tablet shown, but also among one of the first tablet’s running Intel’s next generation quad core Bay Trail Atom processor, running at 1.66 GHz in this case.

As for other specifics for this device, it is 1280 x 800 IPS display (216 ppi), 2 GB RAM, 64 or 128 SSD which can be expanded with via a microSD slot, and wireless N WiFi on board.  In addition, there is a webcam on the front and a rear-view camera with a dual-LED Flash.  The tablet is made entirely of aluminum and comes in four colors.  The dimensions of the tablet are 20 cm x 12 cm and 11 mm thick, weighing in around 470 grams.  Currently it sports a 2400 mAh battery which gives it 3.5 hours of video playbook and 5 hours idle time.  Inventec says this will be changed and improved with batter hardware and optimized drivers to achieve 10 hours runtime.

Interestingly enough in the demo, the tablet was running Windows 8 build 9200 (not Windows 8.1).  However it is likely it will run Windows 8.1, and since it a ‘smaller’ device, it will get Office 2013 preinstalled.  Here is a video demoing the tablet:

These smaller tablets can be sold at very compelling price point, i.e. under $350.  With very low price points it becomes easier to compete with Android and sell high volumes of product.  In addition this makes an interesting case for the ‘phablet.’  With a device this small, who wants to carry around an additional phone?  Would you be interested in a device similar to this?  Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Mobile Geeks, read their full post with more information and plenty of pictures

  • GG002

    Damn that’s cute.. I want one! Also imagine the looks on people’s faces when you suddenly start up the full version of Photoshop. Quad core Atom sounds like it could handle more than previous Atom-powered tablets.

    • auziez

      haha, yes your partner in class next to you will say “my ipad is so useful” – this is while she is surfing facebook.

      Then you take out this, open word or something alike, sit back and enjoy the look on her face.

      • Naveenangels

        I’ve already seen those people say that looks cool but that from MSFT argh!………. bloody sheeps

  • Alejandro Machado R.

    I TOTALLY want one for college <3

  • donzebe

    Looks great. however, I will stick with a 4.5 inch phone and a tablet 10 inch or higher.

    • auziez

      same, i think just a tad bit smaller then the surface is what i would want.

      Phones that are above the 4.5inch are just ridiculous IMO

  • Ricardo Alouidor

    Is setting the bar for more powerful devices, if they’re complaining about RT, then these new atom devices will be a success.

  • Harry_Wild

    Huge bezel! Go back to retro I guess. Not sure I like the super thick bezel.

  • The Mobile Store

    Its very useful for all. Thanks for that. Buy iPhone 5 from The Mobile Store

  • Willem Evenhuis

    2400 MaH battery!!!??? That’s almost the same size as some of the top end smartphones. Onlly 3,5 hours??? How can they juice it out to 10 hours???

  • Mark

    I am def looking for a small Win 8 based tablet to run Word, Powerpoint, MinMap app (I use NovaMind), OneNote/EverNote plus videos, music and show photos. Mainly I want to use it for work and note taking while out and about, not having to carry a heavy laptop as well as some entertainment with waiting in airports. So key to me is a good battery life, mini-HDMI port, Micro-USB 3 port, Micro SD slot, 64-128GB built-in and a reasonable processor and RAM (4GB would be good) with a good graphics card for the size and (near) HD screen…and all this in a small, slim package. The one thing I did notice on this 7″ tablet, is the huge bezel for the size, either make the screen bigger for the tablet footprint or reduce the size of the bezel…7″ or 8″ tablet with a small bezel is perfect… Oh and it should have a good WiFi performance and able to use me phone as a WiFi hotspot. There just my opinion and requirements for practical work tool….

  • asa

    It is interesting, but battery is very small. Personally I would prefer 8-inch tablet with 4:3 proportions.

    When small (7-9-inch) tablets with intel bay-trail atoms would be available to buy?