First copy of Windows 8 sold in New Zealand

First copy of #windows8 sold in the world!! Yay Greg Daniel.

As midnight rolls over the world, it is now the 26th in New Zealand, and some stores there are holding midnight openings for  Windows 8.

Neowin reports little consumer enthusiasm so far, with only one or two customers showing up in the store they visited. One person who was certainly enthusiastic is Greg Daniel, who was officially the first person in the world to buy a copy of the new OS.

While Microsoft is rumoured to be planning to spend more than $ 1.5 billion promoting the OS, there has been very little advertising in the run up to the release surprisingly, likely explaining the muted response so far.

Update: In a related story, Australians seems to be showing more enthusiasm, seemingly filling the Harvey Norman Store waiting in line for their Windows 8 retail copies.


Via, picture by Long Zheng.

  • Jitendra Singh

    Congrats man. You are part of something big to come

  • bnlf

    why go to a store if u can buy online cheaper ? :)

    • Daniel Rivero Horie

      Cheaper but not as exciting!

    • Joe Morales

      Because what you’re paying for is a physical copy of Windows 8

  • nbr123

    This is OS software. Will never go out of stock. People don’t rush to to the store, stand in queue at midnight to buy a OS software DVD. So, the less number of people at stores at midnight buying Windows 8 OS DVD should not be treated as something negative for Windows 8.

  • nine

    Ahaha! The excitement counts always when you are right there in there holding it.:-)

  • Andrew Bassett-Smith

    a chain of stores here in Australia have been selling it since 6pm Thursday evening. Greg Daniel may only be the first on Friday Oct 26, but certainly not the first in the world

    • tarbuck

      Can you name the chain so their arses get kicked by MS for breaking embargo

  • Maheethan

    Is it downloadable from Microsoft’s New Zealand site? Dit it star at midnight on 26th ? Need to know so I can schedule my night ! 😉 Can’t verify for myself, I redirected to my own country’s site !

  • techieg

    As always, MS marketing sucks or just non-existent. Having all the money is half the problem solved, knowing what to do with it another problem entirely. MS just knows nothing about marketing their own product, no matter how good the product is. And when they do advertise, the ads barely show the products but instead they show people and their lifestyles. MS products rock but marketing just sux.

  • disqustingtard

    Seems I missed Harvey Norman’s memo for their sausage fest tonight…

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    and this shows how Win8 will be a fail /s

  • Jake Sullivan

    When will it be available full? I want to install a new desktop with it but I read the full version won’t be available yet. It doesn’t even make sense. How much will it cost?

    • Joe Harlow

      I would also like to know when will the full version be available