First Kinect Based Commercial Software On Sale Now


Sotouch have released the first commercial software solution that works with Kinect. Its a presentation software that uses Kinect to perform actions and interact with your content. Here is the description from them,

Have you ever thought of being Tom Cruise in Minority Report? Now you can and you don’t even need gloves. It’s so easy that it takes to inexperienced users 5 minutes to fully control the software. Turn your usual presentation material, including PDFs, PowerPoints and videos, into futuristic and staggering experiences that will hypnotize your audience.

The Player:

So touch Air Presenter player is a very graphic and intuitive interface allowing you to manipulate your usual presentation content with natural multi-touch gestures. So touch Air Presenter player is optimized for 4:3 images and comes with a multi-presentation selector home page, a graphic slide browser as well as an integrated video player and a 3D object viewer.

The Content Manager:

So touch Air Presenter is delivered with a very easy to use and visual content manager.
The standard version of the content manager reads JPGs and PNGs images formats as well as FLV, F4V and MOV (H264) video formats and DAE and 3DS 3D objects.
The Plus version of the content manager includes, on top of the above specifications, a PDF and Microsoft office documents converter allowing you to directly add these documents formats to the content manager.

Compatible with Kinect and TUIO:

So touch Air Presenter is compatible with:
Kinect for Xbox 360. You can buy the USB adapter Converter for Xbox 360 to PC separately (power supply depending on country).
all TUIO based devices like To know more, please visit

Update: It seems another company have also released an software on sale based on Kinect.

Win & I allows you to control Windows 7 using Kinect.

  • DA

    great baby step towards the future..

  • Vivek Singh

    This is really exciting work. This might be one of the first work in standardizing the desktop usability scenarios for hand gesture experience.

    Can you guys provide insight into how what kind of User experience work has been performed in finalizing these gestures.