First look at a Windows 8 finger-friendly app–Internet Explorer


We have all been waiting on tenterhooks for a look at what the Jupiter tablet UI for Windows 8 will look like.  We have out best idea today with a leak via WithinWindows showing Internet Explorer in its so-called Immersive finger-friendly mode.

As expected, it looks very much like the Windows Phone 7 Internet Explorer, featuring as little chrome as possible.

Also of note is that when the address bar shows the UI looks like the screen shots of IE9 for Windows Phone 7, but with a newer history tab based on small screen shots.


It seems the short of it is, if you like Windows Phone 7, you will love Windows 8 also.


  • nerd


    • rsg1

      Hell yeah! I’ll just hold out like I did for a WP7 – the ecosystem will be incredible.

  • Jonathan

    OMG!! This is beautiful! :) Can’t wait to see the full app in action!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for someone to finally release a tablet i can take seriously… sold

  • Anonymous

    Pretty incremental enhancements with IE9 and MetroUI vibes. looking toward to this when it hits the market. :)

  • Anonymous

    2012 will the Return of the Mack!

  • Ian Walker

    Hope this will run on my MAC

  • Eingoluq


    • Anonymous

      Why? Scrollbars are a fast way to get to the top and the bottom of a page and let you know your current position on the page.

      • Bobby Cannon

        because scroll bars suck. They’re better ways to scroll now.

        • Anonymous

          they could have had something different eg a moveable box with scroll options like the circle that shows up when you click the wheel on a mouse but with more options.. a scroll bar kinda ruins the design and seem a bit old now

  • Oshalabi9

    That’s all I need a finger friendly Microsoft os with all the Microsoft goodies and I am good.

  • Widnows Phone 7

    looks great:)

  • Anonymous

    Not much to go on here but I’d imagine its not complete as yet.

    Those scroll bars need to be more eligant than that.

    Its good that its a ‘new’ finger friendly UI rather than just making Aero more finger friendly.

    Win8 + Arm + Metro (Jupiter) = Buy for me! Just need someone to teach the OEMs some good industrial design lessons.

  • w1ngnut

    The bottom bar implemented like on WP7 will rock on a tablet!

  • Geordie G Glazer

    Looking forward to equipping my slate with some real touch software, though it handles most everything very nicely as is.