First Microsoft fan starts camping out for Surface launch in Beijing


CNET has pictures of what will likely be the first buyer of a Microsoft Surface tablet in the world.

Chen Shi has started queuing at the Beijing Suning, the retail chain that will be selling the surface in China. Due to time zones they will be the first to officially start selling the tablet on the 26th.

From the look of the stiles behind him Microsoft expects even bigger crowds to appear eventually.

Microsoft has also started shipping the tablet to those who pre-ordered online, but there is growing concern that even those who ordered early will not be getting it on the big day, making Shi’s strategy not that mad after all.



Thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip.

  • Windows 8

    Superb, this time the world and those apple fanboi’s will see that their days are numbered 😀

    • Henrik

      You know what would be a great PR coup? If 100 people (Google/Android/Microsoft/Windows Phone fans) placed themselves first in line at the next iPhone (or iPad) release – and in front of all the cameras flashing just flatly walk past the counter without buying any iPhone or iPad.

      Why? Because Apple and the store clerks put a Lot of emphasize on the first person in line buying the iPhone – everyone’s watching, taking photos, and it’s a big thing. How about then, if the first 100 people just calmly goes “No thanks, there are better phones out there (without mentioning any model or name)” and just walk out of the store without buying anything. That would be the ultimate F U to Apple and the whole r-tarded craze around the iPhone/iPad releases. You think they would include THAT video footage in their next presentation? Don’t think so! So you’d better record it yourself and tell the world what happened.

    • koenshaku

      We’ll see if they aren’t the only two lol.

  • just

    Only two guys? You have more than a billion people in China. JK!

    • Neo

      A billion people can’t be first in line at the same time, you know that, right?

      • Some Dude

        They can be the Firt billion in line…

    • donzebe

      The rules of counting:
      Always start with 1,2,3 ….

  • JJ

    The only ones?…Please don’t run embarrassing stories like this.

  • sumedh

    Wish i was there :-)

  • sumedh

    He looks like the gangnam style guy 😀

    • 骁 陈

      Miss one glasses. XD

  • 骁 陈

    Crazy Guy.

  • donzebe

    I will be driving some friends for 3 hours on Friday to buy their surface at the only Microsoft store near us. Hoping there is no long line when we get there Friday morning.

  • Arag0n

    I played with a surface in suning today!!! AWSOME DEVICE!!!

  • JimmyFal

    That picture of the gates will be a very interesting shot to see at launch time. It will tell a big story. China is a big deal for this market, particularly because they have been getting MS products for free all this time in very large #’s.