First Set Of Updates For Windows RT 8.1 Preview Now Available For Download

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Microsoft has released their first set of updates for Windows RT 8.1 preview as part of Patch Tuesday updates. As we reported few hours back, Surface RT also got an system firmware update that improves performance and reliability of the machine. Other recommended updates are for Windows RT 8.1 which fixes various bugs and security holes.

Go to Settings -> Update and Recovery -> Windows update in Windows RT 8.1 to download these updates.

Source: Microsoft

  • CX1

    Updates caused my touch cover to randomly freak out. Can’t used the device with it attached.

  • Martin Spierings

    I’m having a lot of trouble connecting to my tethering phone (as i’m disconnected from my provider for switching to another for about 2 weeks). Need to re-install and reconnect after which i need to setup FIPS to not get a BSOD. Hope they fix this soon in 8.1!