First shipment of 32 GB Surface RT tablets sell out, now on 3 weeks back order


It seems the prophets of doom may have been wrong about demand for the Microsoft Surface, as the cheapest of the 3 packages have now sold out on pre-order, and have gone on back order.

The $499 tablet, sold without the touch cover, is now on 3 weeks back order (which presumably means about 2 weeks after the other Surface tablets are delivered).

Microsoft is rumoured to have ordered up to 5 million Surface tablets for Q4 2012, so hopefully this level of interest will continue and help make the RT platform a success.

Thanks Kamara for the tip.

  • kemite2

    Again, Selling out News without Initial numbers are making no sense…

    • JohnCz

      why, afraid folks are going to get the wrong impression and see this as some early sign of success. heaven forbid.

      • the person

        unless I see numbers I call BS. If Microsoft anticipated demand it would have been a batch of 1 million. They sold out of 1 million? I dont think so.

        • lol

          how bout you just stfu u fag

        • Harley Meekins

          If Apple sold out of 10 iPhone 5’s, you would be jizzing on your computer screen. A pre-order sell out is good signs.

          • lol

            nah he jizz on hes screen cause he saw a pic of his uncle

    • Meekermoloko

      10 Windows RT’s were available. ALL SOLD OUT!!! Now on Backorder. 😉

      Here’s to hoping they sold a lot more.

      • Harley Meekins

        I clicked like than dislike on your comment, and ended with a Like. I wasn’t sure which to pick. LOL!

    • guesttt999

      Windows 8 will be successful unlike some ignorant people who like to believe otherwise. Wakeup already, this is Windows!

    • Redux7

      @kemite2:disqus I do agree with you. it does not mean anything. Still getting my Surface though

  • greg c

    Not yet sold out in Canada :-)

  • alukard


  • neilspartacus

    I am going to get mine on 26th hopefully :)

  • bch238

    Got my 64GB model. Cannot wait.

  • Pookiewood

    I kind of find this a little hard to believe but I really hope I am wrong! I hope to see the same success for the lumia 920 if pre-orders start this weekend. I’ll hopefully be one of those.

    • Harley Meekins

      Well I know it doesn’t mean much if you live in a large country, but France and Italy are sold out of Lumia 920 pre-orders. ;P

  • Ryan

    There’s no doubt that they’re withholding a sizable initial inventory for release in their physical stores, so if you’re lucky enough to be near one, you should be able to get it there

    • James Matthews

      This of course the online pre-orders would be limited because would to have some devices available in their stores on the 26th. btw, just read that the 32GB c/ keyboard is now on back order in Canada.

  • Lasp24

    This makes me soooo happy and sad at the same time!

    • Kiddo2050

      Same. i ordered mine right after it went on sale. Hope that means I’ll get mine in the first ship. But great great news!

  • bhss

    Anymore news on Windows 8 Pro Surface release?

    • blackhawk556

      Yeah, three months from now. They said that from the beginning and earlier today.

  • briguy266

    Anyway to know if an order is on backorder? I ordered mine about an hour and a half ago and there was no sign of it being on backorder.

    • Harley Meekins

      Well it just might be soon. Might get your latest gadget a week or 2 after release. that would SUCK if you have friends buying in-store. ;P

  • blackhawk556

    Is it safe to assume this is from all the Microsoft fan boys buying up the first batch? The real test is how long it takes to run out of all of the original 5million. I wish there was a Microsoft store around here.

    • Harley Meekins

      Its safe to assume Apple Fanboys are the only ones buying iPhones on pre-order. Its safe to say that ANYONE buying any tech device on pre-order is a fan 😉 so what? because your a fan, doesn’t make you less of a person.

      • op

        Damn right!

  • soggybiscuit

    not like they won’t have plenty in stock at stores for launch

    • ustudio

      most likely thell sell out to Im gonna get mine at store as I want some color, not just black, 32 0r 64 with blue or white or maybe red touch cover

  • Mounaim Hadouch

    Nice to see, I hope this gives Microsoft a reason to keep making there own hardware and make it a bit cheaper if possible.

  • sandeepreddy

    Since this has USB .. Can i use a data card for connecting to internet?
    I plan to gift one to for my Dad .. but he connects to internat with data cards while travelling ..
    there is no Surface with 3GB or 4G options …
    I am sure surface pro will support .. data cards just like our laptops … can the RT support it? or the cell company has to have an “App” in Windows Store …