First Windows 8.1 Preview Updates & Bug Fixes Released Since Launch

Microsoft has released the first set of updates since the Windows 8.1 Preview launch& bug fixes for Windows 8.1 since its release last week. You may recall 5 updates were released the day of the Windows 8.1 preview:

  • Update for Windows RT 8.1 Preview (KB2864247) which is specifically supposed to fix a bug causing Metro apps to crash on Windows 8.1 Preview just after launch.
  • Update for Windows RT 8.1 Preview (KB2864806) that makes it possible to sing you Google account through Picasa or other applications that rely on Google services. According to Microsoft, this issues occurs because “the application cannot retrieve certain cookies located on the computer.”
  • Update for Windows RT 8.1 Preview (KB2864808) addressing a bug in Internet Explorer 11. “When you start and then pause a download in Internet Explorer 11 Preview on a Windows 8.1 Preview-based computer, the download cannot be resumed,” the company explains.
  • Update for Windows RT 8.1 Preview (KB2863312) developed to improve compatibility of software and hardware with the new OS release. “This compatibility update improves the compatibility experience in Windows RT 8.1 Preview and in Windows 8.1 Preview. Microsoft regularly releases Windows compatibility updates to improve the overall user experience,” Microsoft explains.
  • Update for Windows RT 8.1 Preview (KB2864713) that improves “the robustness of data files,” as Microsoft wrote in the advisory.

Source: Softpedia

  • pzstm
  • iMeMyseIf .

    Windows 8.1 is actually more bugged than Windows 8. I would not recommend installing it, as it removes for the option to ALT+TAB out of games. Also, you loose your native language. If you just want the option to go the desktop from loading, several sites show you how to hack Windows 8 to do so. No need to instal 8.1 at this point.

  • hootsmon2000

    Windows 8.1 crashed!
    It asked for the original to be inserted into my disk drive!
    The problem is I ONLY have a Windows 8 disk……………..?
    It won’t repair or reboot!
    Any idea’s………………?
    Because Windows 8.1 ran out of them some time ago!