First Windows 8 ad airs, touts “re-imagined” windows

imageRight on schedule, the first of the $1.5 Billion campaign ads to market Windows 8 has launched.

The ad focuses on touch and family friendliness, and ends with the tag line “Windows reimagined” and the Windows 8 launch date 26th October 2012.

The Crispin Porter + Bogusky agency effort seems a bit light for a first effort – hopefully we will see something more exciting in later ads.

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  • hatedknight

    Like it :)

  • Nasher Dezno

    Too bad they didn’t spend that kind of money on Windows Phone, then maybe it would have more market share by now.

    • Jesse Harmon

      I think the windows 8 is starting from a lead position windows being on about 70% of computer already . The uphill battle will be a long climb but I think it’s just starting to explode now .

    • alukard

      Microsoft did as much as they could, its the OEMs that didn’t take the initiative to actually advertise their products (except Nokia).
      With windows 8 now on the scene, maybe people will now notice its mobile sibling better.

  • Sunovavic

    Nice… fun… exciting!

  • David

    Not bad but I expected better than this… Still Microsoft need to work harder on their advertising department.
    Elevator number in ad had to go from 7 to 8 not from 10,9 goes to 8!

    • Bugbog

      This is a lead in promo ad to the release! After it’s available then, no doubt, they’ll continue with more in-depth ones.

  • koenshaku

    Not impressed gets the point across, but not memorable at all in fact I feel my time was wasted by clicking here..

    • lol

      how bout you stfu u fag

      • Bugbog

        You must be under 15. Almost every single response of yours I’ve seen is abusive. You do know you can get a point across without insulting someone?

        • koenshaku

          Seems he fails to understand the purpose of a form. Which is to express your opinion of a given topic.

          • Bugbog

            I just felt I had to respond this time. Every single comment he’s responded to has been discriminatorily insultive!

          • lol

            uh thats the whole point u fag

  • Adam Tiley

    Good to see Microsoft ditching the cheesey ads and going for something a bit cooler.
    Looking good, can’t wait to see more on my tv 😀

  • Bugbog

    “”…and So it Begins..”

    Just couldn’t help it! XD

  • wp77

    I like the ad, pretty cool for MS

  • Bugbog

    Oh No. I’m already singing the ad song!! (And only after two viewings!)

    • trickierickitie

      sounds like Eagles of death metal..

  • inyourbase

    This is not the Microsoft of old. That’s cool.

  • Ameer Hassan

    saw it played on the season premier of The Walking Dead! LOVE IT!!!

  • Mr.InTernaTionaL

    I just saw it today while watching a football game and hope that they show that off a whole lot instead of a few weeks like how they did with WP7