First Windows 8 laptops on sale… by Home Shopping Network?


Microsoft is still to officially launch Windows 8 on the 26th October, but it seems the first Windows 8 laptops are already on sale, and from an unexpected source.

The Home Shopping Network is offering two Gateway Windows 8 laptops, a 15.6 inch version for $649.95 and a 17.3 inch version for $699.95. The offer is set to expire soon and no delivery date was announced.

Both laptops have Core i5 processors, 4 GB RAM and a 500 GB hard drive, and neither have a touch screen.

This is likely the form factor the vast majority of Windows 8 hardware will be sold, at least in the first few years, but it is of course interesting to see it arrive so soon.

Via WPC.

  • bataclau

    the 17.3″ PC pic is totally fake, the screen say Start at the right side and it’s mirrored, and the numerical keyboard is at the left side ??

    • Bugbog

      I think that’s more an instance of whomever placed this pic, which was likely reversed to fit together, rather than being fake or not.

    • Kitab

      lol! 2BunDunn!

  • Shane Nokes

    That’s something that this site did for some reason. On the actual HSN site it faces the correct direction.

    I checked and the image is indeed hosted on this site…so for some reason when they decided to edit the pic they reversed it.

  • elpadr1no

    He mirrored it to fit the 2 in one pic. Haha…kinda funny actually.

  • vcfan

    bloggers always have to insert their shitty ass predictions in their posts,like this guy who said this is likely the form factor for the next few years. stfu