First Windows Blue Build Screenshot Emerges Online

Windows 8 Blue

Before the release of Windows 8, every few days we used to see new builds and screenshots of Windows 8 internal builds. Microsoft released Windows 8 to the consumer 3 months back and since then there was no concrete information that got leaked about the next version of Windows. Today, some screenshots of Windows Blue with build number 9289 emerged online as you can see above. Also there are reports that Microsoft has switched to a new kernel version 6.3 for Windows Blue. Windows Blue is expected to bring no.of improvements to Windows 8 under the hood and also some UI refinements and enhancements.

Source: Win8china

  • XB_Mod

    I hope so. I really like the Metro UI and the new Windows 8 experience but its soooo unfinished that its painful to use. The mail app and the music app are my most common annoyances. Also a lot of stuff still requires the desktop to change and modify. A simple right click to rename is not possible.

    I think we are easily 5 years away from Windows 8 being sophisticated enough to get rid of the desktop on Windows RT. I don’t think desktop on Windows 8 (Pro) is going away at all but over time it might be limited more and more to fewer and fewer apps (like Office, Photoshop etc.). I just don’t see Microsoft carrying that legacy for another decade of 2.

    Microsoft needs the 7 inch form factor but IMO WP is better suited for that than Windows 8. Desktop on 7 inch makes no sense and the lack of apps is a dealbreaker for a consumption device (which 7 inch is without a doubt).

  • Fritzly

    What make you think that this is a “Blue” build and not a “W9” one?

    A kernel change is not something likely to be seen in an interim release…

  • tomakali

    Win 7
    Start menu ~ Desktop

    Win 8
    Metro UI ~ Desktop

    Win 9
    New Start Screen ~ Metro UI as Desktop