FL Studio Groove App Now Available For Windows 8/RT Devices

FL Studio Groove app is now available for Windows 8/RT devices. FL Studio Groove is a touch-based music production & performance application. With a 10 pad sample-based drum machine and 5 polyphonic synth channels you get all you need to compose, arrange, edit, mix and perform professional quality music.


FL Studio Groove allows you to create music loops and chain them together into complete songs. Or perhaps you just want to lay down a percussion track and play keyboards over the top, you can do that too.

Synthesizer: Load from the extensive library of bass, keys, lead, pad, sfx and synth sounds. The flexible dual-oscillator, wave-shape driven, design with filters, 3 envelopes and LFO architecture will ensure you can create fresh and unique sounds for years to come. Listen to the presets and you will know how powerful the FL Studio Groove synths are.

Keyboards: Take control over the synthesizers with FL Studio Groove’s two-tier touch keyboard, perfect for playing chords and melodies. The visual feedback will even help you to learn to play music just by watching the existing projects play.

Drums & percussion: Punch out a beat on the 10 drum pads. The velocity-through-position feature will allow you to play with feeling to get the right groove. Layer up two samples per-pad for complex sample mash-ups. A comprehensive library of percussion samples is included covering kicks, snares, toms, hats, cymbals, sfx and more.

Effects: A wide array of modern and classic effects are available including a Bit Crusher (for lo-fi gritty sounds), Flanger & Phaser (to create complex stereo washes and spacey effects), Filters (low, high pass & vowel-voice simulation), Delay (echoes), Reverb (to simulate the sound of large halls through to tight spaces), Panning (so you can spread your sounds across your speakers) and Ring modulation (creating screaming-feedback type sounds).

Sequencing: After recording a performance FL Studio Groove’s touch-optimized easy editing features make it a breeze. You can edit in all the musical parts from scratch here too. The Piano-roll allows note entry and step-entry for percussion tracks. Finally, record and edit the movement of almost any knob or control with the Automation editor.

This app costs $4.99 and you can download it here from Windows Store.

  • UMovies

    wow and so it begins

  • Yuan Taizong

    Finally, I’ve seen this on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad when I was on the Philippines, and I’ve envied it ever since, now I can finally get it, this is also an indication that Windows 8 is a train you can’t stop, no matter how many new wagons (slow development, Nokia aqcuisition, immense competition) you add to it, it’ll go faster than the rest (heck, the Mac App Store was beated by Windows 8/R.T. in a few months).

    • vcfan

      actually, this isnt fl studio mobile, its a whole new app,and it arrives on windows 8 first before any other platforms. ios and android come later. signs of the future.

      • Duel

        But it might never come for windows phone.

      • Duel

        “Does FL Studio Groove run on Android, iOS & Windows Phone?

        We have plans to release FL Studio Groove on Android and iOS, no dates to be announced yet. Windows Phone is not planned at this stage.”

        • nohone

          Android and iOS does not necessarily mean the phone form of those platforms, they could be working on a tablet version only as it would be a bit tough to fit all that on a 4″ phone screen and still be usable.

    • Cruncher

      This one is much better than fl studio mobile in many aspects. I am surprised they releasing this for Win8/RT first.
      Anyway it is running great on Surface RT.

      • Duel

        No its not better this is just simplified version of mobile studio.

        For example this doesnt have any support with real flstudio, when in mobile version you can create ideas and develop those ideas with real PC, thats the best part of flstudio mobile.

        Flstudio mobile is the more ptofessional app, while this groove is more meant for fun use.

        • Cruncher

          I assume you dont have FL studio groove, otherwise you would not come to this conclusion.
          It has all the features from FL studio mobile and then some. For instance the mixer view where you can control effects and filters from several tracks at realtime. It als has more sounds, and the synthesizer section is more advanced. The piano roll editor is also more professional in particular the one for the drum tracks.

          Reimport into FL studio for PC is an already planned feature, note i did say in many aspects.

          • Duel

            Without FLstudio PC support it doesnt have much use for people who use FLstudio on their PC. Of course if you do things just for fun like i said this is good, but for us who use PC version of FLstudio this is quite useless atleast yet.

            I hope they can integrate this with real FLstudio sooner than later, because the ui and touch interface looks better than flstudio mobile which is still a lot more useful because the reason which i just said.

  • Jim_Being

    That is a freaking awesome app. Definitely buying it.

  • FateStayNight

    OMG YES!!!! You can tell by my avatar picture how much this app can help me 😉

  • bricko

    its been pulled

    • nohone

      It was in the store when I did a search 30 seconds ago