Following Windows 8, Now Microsoft Office Is Banned By Chinese Government Agencies

Last month, we reported that Chinese government made a strange move by announcing the ban of Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS in government computers. As per reports, the ban was due to the notice on the use of energy-saving products. The official Xinhua news agency claimed that it was due to security concerns. Following the bad, Microsoft continued providing Windows 7 to these agencies and even defended the security features in Windows 8.

Today, a Chinese media reported that Microsoft Office productivity suite is banned in parts of the Chinese central government and its subordinated departments. As usual, the reason was mentioned as the act of ensuring information security. The government has not commented about this ban yet. CRI believes that this  implementation of this act has an obvious advantage over domestic software companies, such as Kingsoft and Chinese software. Microsoft is yet to comment on this story.

Source: CRI

  • CX1

    Unless pirated. So in other words, fine.

  • justd80010

    They banned Hilary Clinton’s memoir too… was it also “spying,” for the U.S government?

    • techieg

      Yep. As MS has been addressing pirating in their software now this rogue government responds by banning and making lousy claims. Lol.

  • Blaze Blue

    LMFAO so they really rather stay on XP that is not supported and get hacked and spyed on. What kills me is that we helped save the Chinese ww II and this is the thanks, really?

    • skruis

      Things become much clearer when you realize how independent you have to be in order to succeed…at any organizational level: species, nation, state, county, city, community, family, individual.

      • Blaze Blue

        Which brings to my thoughts, if they are that insecure they really need to do their homework and make their own software. Or keep paying Microsoft a hole lot of unnecessary amount of money.

      • Tips_y

        Actually, the most successful people in history are those who were/are independent-minded, bucked the trend, and thought out of the box compared to the rest of us humanity.

  • Joe_HTH

    They’ll just pirate the hell out of it like the rest of China. The Chinese aren’t worth dealing with.

  • dev

    Well, it’s not a surprise. US foreign policies is highly aggressive. They are pushing NATO far behind some agreements and threaten russia and china by destabilizing eastern europe countries.

    No surprise that china and russia wants to prevent any cyber wars by using their own software in near future.
    On the other side it’s also possible that chinese government is well aware of Microsoft’s bad market situation and wants to put pressure for better negotiations.

    • Tips_y

      “Microsoft’s bad market situation” – yes, you’re right. Microsoft has just had several straight quarters of record-breaking revenues, so yeah, it’s failing ;-S

      • dev

        Well, i’ve mean Windows 8 adoption rate not revenue.

        • Danny

          windows 7 works fine. why pay for it again in form of windows 8. windows 8 is for new computers only

    • AD Neamiah

      You wish……

  • GrantRR

    Pirates worried about being potentially being pirated.

    Maybe they can’t afford to pay to use legit paid for copies of the OS and Office to replace their thousands of pirated antiquated copies? My suggestion is to replace with sub 9″ devices.

  • X

    that’s harsh for Microsoft, someone in that government hates Microsoft badly! they revealed the patents (which was supposed to be a secret), banned Windows and now banning Office

  • skruis

    It’s just tit for tat bullsh*t and an excuse to fund home grown solutions that will eventually be pushed out beyond the central government. The eventual victims of such powerful centralized decision making will be the Chinese people. Microsoft and America are just cover for the government’s agenda.

  • Steve Ward

    Shockingly bad, man up USA, ban Chinese exports..

  • Tips_y

    Well, according to a recent report, Microsoft makes more money from a small country like the Netherlands compared to China due to rampant piracy in that country. So at this point, no harm done yet. Also, it could be a play by the Chinese government to get free software from Microsoft – like Microsoft upgrade all their antiquated XP machines to W7 or W8 for free?

  • ACAA

    Ban Chinese products also so it is fair.

  • tomakali

    release windows 8 chinese version for free.
    see how china can ban free to use products by that large…

    funny they ban microsoft instead of the worldspy google

    • AD Neamiah

      Oooo. Interesting idea. For a while anyway. Their loss, the new Win is probably a lot harder to hack for them, but it’s pretty sweet once you get used to it. I used to use XP with Firefox. I was slowly learning to hate my computer.

  • NGM123

    They are happy to hold a worldwide monopoly with ALL their products but come up with anti competitive (and what really is racism) BS reasons why they wont buy someone else’s products, douche bags.

  • AD Neamiah

    The new version appears to have really good security features. When I installed it on my new machine, the OS/browser detected a virus on a site before I had even installed antivirus software. The OS immediately severed the channel and shut the browser saying it had detected a bad thing trying to enter the computer. Recent testing by NSS labs showed IE 11 detected 99 percent of viruses in email phishing attempts. Firefox only detected 4.8 percent. The Chinese browsers weren’t much better. Chrome, which still relies on some Firefox IP it buys from Moz, blocked 70 percent. My guess is the Chinese internal security agencies are having trouble getting around the security in Windows 8 and they don’t want something on govt. computers that they can’t monitor through a back door.

  • AD Neamiah

    Another consideration might be this: In Win 8 you have the option of saving your docs to the cloud so they’re available on your tablet or phone. I was thinking (below) that the govt wanted an OS, they could monitor employees through, but if someone were to save something to the cloud (i.e. servers owned by Microsoft) the govt. risks losing control of bad information. That would be even worse. Can you imagine what it would look like if someone did an Edward Snowden a leak on the Chinese govt? THAT could be some ugly stuff.

    If this is the thing that’s bugging the PRC, Microsoft may have finally found a way to keep them from stealing the software. Given the growing vulnerabilities of 2nd tier browsers like Safari, FF, the Chinese browsers, etc, plus the holes in XP…. the PRC govt. may find themselves in a place where they wish they hadn’t opened up a battlefield in cyberspace.

  • Danny

    Kingsoft version of office is a ripoff of portions of microsoft 2013 and office 2003. chinese companies can get away with anything. chevy spark became cherry and the Indian Bajaj Pulsar bike became Gulsar

  • Corey Drew Bruce

    Linux will save the day! oh right already has 😀