Ford CEO Alan Mulally Sidesteps Questions About Becoming Microsoft’s Next CEO

In an interview with USA Today Ford CEO Alan Mulally reufsed to directly answer the question if he is actively seeking the role of becoming Microsoft’s next CEO.

“I love serving Ford and have nothing new to add to (my) plans to continue serving Ford,” Alan Mulally

The mainstream tech press continues to push the narrative  that Alan Mulally will become Microsoft’s next CEO.  However, I continue to hear this is simply not the case.

Source: USA Today

  • Sugadevan

    OMG, looks like he is going to be.. I think the next ceo should know something about software and the tech future. But, may be Alan Mulally will drive MS with guys like elop and other heads. hmm

  • krayziehustler

    Balmer is younger than this guy. Blamer said he wanted someone who was going to be around for the long process of changing to a devices and services company. This guy might not even be around for that long lol

  • koenshaku

    Hopefully not…

  • Joe_HTH

    If the board hires this guy, they are going to be sorry. He might have been a good CEO for Ford, but he’s not what Microsoft needs. Microsoft also doesn’t need a 70 year old CEO.

    • symbolset

      Obviously Elop is the one we need to take Microsoft in the direction we need them to go.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Let’s be honest, all press really is about is selling articles and hitting higher page views, they just want to report on anything really, usually they pick the mainstream which includes hating on everything Microsoft and praising Apple, and no, this isn’t any different. they first start with how horrible Microsoft and Ballmer are and go praise this man for selling of product lines and demand from Microsoft to do the same, some journalists just want to watch Microsoft burn, the same people using Crapintoshes and praising Linux while nothing productive has ever been produced on those things.

  • Guest

    If he was the front runner previously, it sounds like he’s learned he isn’t any longer. I think there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Specifically a full on battle between that group of investors and the board. Which means it’s no longer clear who is really making the decision. Ballmer’s comments at the company meeting had me believing that they were going to go with an internal candidate after all. I was surprised by that because I didn’t see these investors being okay with anyone internal. Of course that might explain why they’re now gunning for Gates resignation from the Chairmanship and unhappy with his influence on the selection committee. What a mess. MS really doesn’t need this kind of distraction right now. They need to be 100% focused.