Forget Doctor’s Note, Microsoft Now Allows You To Write Perfect Letter To Your Girl Friend To Buy Xbox One

Similar to what Microsoft did during the Xbox One launch, Microsoft now allows you to customize a letter to your girl friend/wife to buy an Xbox One. Message from Microsoft,

You’re about as excited as a puppy with a new chew toy to get your very own, but there’s a little snag. Someone in your life hasn’t heard about the new generation in games and entertainment. Don’t worry. We got your back. Simply make your case and fill in the blanks below. With your explanation (and a little sucking up), they’re bound to agree Xbox One will be a great addition to both your lives.

Here is the letter,


Xbox One lover letter

Source: Xbox

  • Guest

    Xoxo <- I see what you did there

  • Nham Thien Duong

    So Microsoft first makes Misandric ads showing how your girl-friend will use your Xbox One and now wants you to beg her for one… I never viewed American men as powerless pus…. wait I always have, although if this would actually convince an American woman I’d be happy for Microsoft because they’ll make a higher profrit and get a larger marketshare, but this campaign is sexist to both sexes, it assumes that men are the submissive sex and that women hate Xbox’es (not all girl-friends want PlayStations y’know).