Forrester: 32% Of Users Want Windows As Their Next Work Tablet

Windows 8 Enterprise

According to the market research firm Forrester, 32% of the enterprise users wants Windows tablet as their next work device. This data was compiled from the sample size of 9,766 information workers that Forrester polled. Even though Apple now leads the enterprise tablet numbers with 26% market share, it’s a encouraging news for Microsoft that more than 30% of the workers prefer Windows tablets. In the smartphone side, Microsoft has more work to do. About 33% of workers want their next phone as iPhone while 22% want an Android device, 10% of the people want a Windows phone device.

Source: Readwrite

  • toohats

    It will be interesting to see how this effects the Surface Pro launch.

  • Rikkirik Contrera

    The Surface Pro launch???. Well one thing is for sure, the W8 Pro launch will definitely have a big impact, not only on the PC market, but most of all on the tablet market and the competition with the Ipad and Android devices. People do not realize it, but it’s not only the Surface tablet which will compete with the Ipad en Android tablets, most of all it’s all of those hybrids W8 PC and tablet in one devices, with removable screens (tablet). Having a PC with detachable tablet (in one device) has a lot of advantages.
    (1) You have a PC and detachable tablet (in one product)
    (2) A PC with detachable tablet (in one device) is cheaper than buying a tablet and a PC seperately. Enterprises will love this.
    (3) If more people buy hybrid W8 devices they will have no need for a seperate tablet of rival brands, effectively killing the market for Ipads and Android tablets. One more reason for shareholders of Apple to worry about and send the stock plummetting even more.
    I am excited to see how the market will be divided in one, two or 5 years from now. One thing is sure Apple and Google are in big trouble once W8 Pro launches.

    • Steve Ballmer

      Ok, dude, haven’t you had enough of being a paid microsoft shill?

  • NGM123

    They need a good quality W8 tablet at Nexus 7 money yesterday! If they can achieve this, a good quality W8 tablet for the average mum & dad to use for basic internet consumption, the tablet world is MSs oyster. As it stands, they are on a slow train to know where.

  • SagetB

    “9,766 information workers that Forrester polled” Makes the numbers suspect for the IT department is no longer driving device decisions at enterprise level. It use to be the CIO would tell the CEO and workers want he was getting, Now the CEO and workers is coming in BYOD and telling the CIO what they want…

    I hope if they interview all enterprise workers on what they want to use we get the same numbers then I will be happy.