Forrester: Consumer Interest For Windows 8 Dropping Rapidly

According to Forrester Research report that was released earlier today, consumer demand for Windows 8 tablets in reducing at a rapid rate. Its down more than 21% since last quarter according to the report. The report says,

Microsoft faces challenges in the tablet market due to its late entry. While Windows 8 looks like a promising product for tablet computing, its release won’t come until sometime next year. Though Microsoft’s OEM partners are embracing the platform, consumer interest has plummeted during the past nine months. Windows product strategists will have to overcome several disadvantages associated with being a fifth mover in the tablet market. Product strategists in any industry have to evaluate their potential to be “fast followers”: Waiting too long to follow raises the bar your product must meet to compete.

Even though Analysts provide some guidance to follow, they are not accurate predictors of technology. Few years ago they said there is no tablet market, later after iPad got released they said that there is only iPad market and no tablet market. And now after seeing sales of Kindle Fire, they are saying that there is only two markets, iPad and Fire. Hope they add Windows 8 to the list when it gets released later next year.

You can find the full report from Forrester here.

  • Impartial

    This is ridiculous, consumers don’t even know what windows 8 is, so how can their interest fall? I hate analysts with a passion.

    • Anonymous

      The numbers are based on talking with actual prospective tablet buyers. Things can always change but right now this doesn’t look particularly good for Windows 8 tablets (don’t forget it’s not just Microsoft looking at these numbers, their OEMs are looking at them also while they plan their product strategies).

      • Anonymous

        And who in their right mind would prefer Windows on a tablet right now? This has nothing to do with Windows 8.

  • John


  • Chuck

      Microsoft needs to realize that Nobody likes to wait…

    • rsgx

      So the right thing to do would be…. release an unfinished product for Christmas?

      • Chuck

        No.  The right thing to do is finish the damn product before Christmas!  Or… announce the product when it’s closed to be released kinda like how Apple does it.

        • Wash68

          That’s correct!

          • Amit Jakhu

            Incorrect. People need to make applications for the new OS and test it. People need to put in feedback and fix bugs. It’s fine and all if its a mobile OS but when there is a lot of functionality there needs to be testing.

        • Anonymous

          And they do that by clicking the finish button?

  • Eelektro

    beta too long thats why

  • Son of Kruegerman

    It’s down more than 21% since Q1–not since the last quarter. That doesn’t represent a drop in interest in Windows 8 alone. It’s a drop in interest in Windows altogether. If 24% of the respondents are unsure or don’t even know what an OS is, I’m sure plenty of the respondents have never even seen Windows 8.

  • Anonymous

    How do I get payed to be an idiot “researcher” ?

    Lot of dumbass “research” this week.

  • Anonymous

    I love how the 3rd largest segment are those that don’t know what an OS is.  That should tell you something about tablet purchasers. 

    MS (and it’s OEM partners) have a wonderful opportunity to promote their tablets as something BEYOND what the others are.  For instance:

    “Ever find yourself frustrated trying to use a phone operating system on a tablet [insert typical PC experience that is gimped on phones]?  Introducing Windows 8.  For the first time ever, you have a fully featured operating system designed for touch on tablets.  Finally, a tablet experience that’s right for you.”

    Differentiates from iPad and Android tablets in a fundamental way and established itself as the new standard.  Marketing, people.  Marketing.

  • Anonymous

    Recent research has shown a 94% decrease in consumer interest in anything Forrester Research has to say. Phucking morons. I’m using Windows 8 on a tablet right now and it is going to take over the “toy tablet” market the second consumers see what it is compared to Apple and Android.

  • Anonymous

    Analysts are the biggest wastes of space on the planet. Every time they cash a paycheck, they’re stealing money.

    • Anonymous

      Only when they go against a product you are rootin for though right?

  • Chandra

    Yeah…Windows 7 sucks on tablet. The analysis should be carried out after windows 8 release.

  • Guest

    @pradeep: you need to quote correctly. Forrester did NOT say Consumer interest in Windows 8, they said interest in Windows tablets. Big difference. Your title is desceptive. Shame on you.