Forrester Research: Microsoft Trumps Apple And Samsung In Consumer Mindshare

Today Forrester Research published a report in which Microsoft trumped both Samsung and Apple in the consumer mindshare survey. As part of Forrester’s TRUE Brand Compass research, Forrester conducted consumer Technographics research with 4,551 US online adults about the technology brands and their perceptions on it.

This research is part of Forrester’s TRUE Brand Compass framework designed to identify which brands are winning the battle for consumer mindshare and to help marketers build a brand that is trusted, remarkable, unmistakable and essential (TRUE).  This framework has two core components:  1) An overall TRUE Brand Compass ranking gives a snapshot of a brand’s resonance – the emotional connection a customer has with a brand, and 2) The TRUE brand compass scorecard reveals a brand’s progress along each of the four TRUE dimensions.

The most surprising part of the research is their results. Microsoft is one of the technology companies which is always rated below its peers when it comes to cool factor and brand power. But in this Forrester research, Microsoft trumped Apple and Samsung in the TRUE brand rankings.
Forrester research report says the following on this result,
In fact, Microsoft was the only brand in the survey to achieve the coveted trailblazer status – indicating that the Microsoft brand is “at the forefront of brand building with a unique and distinct brand identity that sets it apart from other brands”.
All three brands were seen as innovative by consumers, so what sets Microsoft apart?  While Apple and Samsung battle it out to reign supreme with the coveted Millennial generation, Microsoft has quietly stolen the consumer technology crown by becoming more trusted and essential across multiple generations. The very ubiquity that perhaps renders it uncool turns out to also be its strength.

Source: Forrester

  • blackhawk556

    the MS haters will find something negative to say about this.

    • Bugbog

      “Haters be hatin'” but Microsoft Marches on!

    • Nham Thien Duong

      True, and as ”hating Microsoft” is mainstream they’ll somehow claim that the numbers were messed with or other non-sense (–_–)

  • tropolite

    Well done everyone at MS.

  • jvs


  • Bugbog

    About time MS gets acknowledgement for leading the tech scene, rather than the constant lambasting they get from blogosphere ‘Cronkite’s!’

  • wp77

    True, MS has become the trusted brand out there. They are going to kill it in the cloud.

  • Joe_HTH

    Maybe, but if that’s the case WP8 and Windows RT tablets should be selling in higher numbers.

    • jimski27

      When the economy really starts to recover, maybe they will.