Four New Windows 8 Ads Leaked, Looks Awesome

Four new Windows 8 ads from Microsoft got leaked today and were picked up by Israeli site

All these ads focus on unique Windows 8 features such as picture passwords, Live Tiles, Charms functionality, compatibility with desktop apps, etc,.

Seeing Windows 8 in action is always a joy.  Do our readers think they will win over the general public?

Let us know below.

via: neowin

  • Mark Matheson

    I’m happy to see searching across apps is an option, that’s one of the most powerful and helpful features on the Xbox desktop.

  • himura_kenshin

    These are great! Now start hammering out the new ones for Windows Phone in this style. FINALLY … someone at Microsoft gets it right.

  • Andrew Bares

    You can’t be serious when you say that these ads are “awesome”…
    They couldn’t even afford to get a real hand and had to use some creepy looking clip art image for the finger.
    I highly doubt these will be going on TV, or will be seen by many people. If they are, then MS still hasn’t learnt a thing about hiring quality marketing firms. This looks like a teenager built this commercial in his parents house for a school project.

    • Dome

      Yes. These video are showing what Windows 8 can do but the hands moviments appear not natural. The apps seems to be opened before the gesture

    • sumedh kumar

      So you are the kind of guy who finds flaws in everything.. Fortunately you are in minority…

    • leon

      oh really?! a teenager’s school project? you know what, you look like a total retard to me!

      • Glim12808

        He has been a retard long time ago. He just changes name every now and then but it’s the same retard guy.

    • himura_kenshin

      *Sequences shortened.

    • Rob Holden

      can’t disagree more. As short segment videos these are great, they get a good user experience overview of the new OS out to consumers in under a minute, without overloading on information.

      Also the tune is good, its catchy, not intruding, but is unique enough that if you hear it again you would be reminded of windows 8…

    • Gary Dulleck

      Music is annoying.

  • SocalBrian

    Metro is still not an option, the ads come up short.

    • lol

      how bout you just stfu you dickfag

  • sumedh kumar

    Awesome ads.. We need some more ads like this for WP also ….

  • tropolite

    Brilliant – showing different things you can do easily on WIndows 8 along with the variance of the different hardware Win8 runs…
    And I will go along with others here and say this is the type of showy ads WinPhone 8 needs – show how easy things can be done.

  • Randy Williams


  • Wheez

    I think the OS looks really great and I was sorta sold as well when I tried the customer preview thing. Probably wont be amongst the first adopters, but I will use the 40$ upgrade option if eligible when I’ll get a WP8 phone and a Win8RT tablet.

    That said, only one of the ads reminds that you can still use the good ol desktop like nothing ever changed, that might push some people away. I agree that it doesnt need much screen time cos everyone knows the desktop and theres nothing new to show, but I wouldve mentioned it in every ad.

  • keif

    Makes for great flash adds!! Once you have seen one or two of these the mind will relate w8 every time that tune comes on the tv, whether people are watching it or not… There obviously will be longer more informative ads to go with these to show how easy metro is to use for everything, but do not fear the desktop is still here if you get lost in the learning process! I can’t understand why there are still a few who think ‘metro’ won’t work….. With the new file explorer app that come out not long ago its very rare that I’m moving to desktop and I can easily see myself not needing it at all in the not so distant future, making everyday tasks simple and much faster! Good job Microsoft, now we need to show everyone how well the whole family (Xbox,WP8 and W8) play together!!

  • techieg

    Finally, someone at MS marketing department is thinking. They just need to get them on TV an do the same for Windows Phone.

  • Luis

    They look ok, specially in terms of showcasing some of the features of Windows 8. I do agree that the hand looks a bit funky, as brought up by Andrew Bares, but I wouldn’t call the add horrible. They are a good first attempt at showing what Windows 8 can do for the average consumer. Are they technical ads geared towards the IT/tech crowd/business? Absolutely not. But hey, Windows 8 a consumer-oriented OS (like ME, Vista, etc), and that’s where MS will put all its efforst and might. MS is going after the consumer market.

  • Troy Dsurgeongeneral Rees

    People are really ignorant, out of those 4 vids all some of them saw were that the hands look funny ? Really ?!

  • Rasool Shaik

    How to fast search on windows 8?
    Just goto start screen and start typing what you want to search. I mean there is no need to open right hand side swipe menu. Example type ‘cmd’ for command prompt. You can search any application you want without going to search option.

  • SpydaWebPhotog

    Now they just need to do this with Windows Phone!!

  • koenshaku

    I guess it was leaked they are blocked from youtube now.