Free Ad-Supported Music Streaming Coming Via Xbox Music On Windows 8 Devices

Xbox Music app will come pre-installed and is the default music player for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. This app will feature free, ad-supported streaming of the entire catalog of over 30 million tracks on PCs and tablets. Users can also make playlists, discover new music, and purchase and download music. However, this unlimited free streaming service will end in 6 months time followed by reduced hours of streaming and users can buy Xbox Music pass to enjoy Unlimited streaming after that.

The service will cover 22 countries for subscription music, 15 for free streaming, and offer iOS and Android clients later next year.

See the video above for more info.

  • panagiĻŽtis

    how we suppose to choose MS over Apple in Greece while MS can’t do what Apple is doing for years now in Greece with music video and books?

  • sammy summers

    Simple just choose MSFT. Apple is getting stale and they think users are dumba55e5. I left Apple at antennae-gate.

    • koenshaku

      That is when I stopped upgrading my iphone also. I grabbed a nokia lumia 900 which I will upgrade to a lumia 920 next month.

  • Pierre Venescar

    Microsoft is the way to go.

  • elpadr1no

    I think books are the one thing we still havent heard about from MS. This is where that partnership with B&N may prove fruitful.

  • PuffyC

    Why don’t I see ads like this play on TV? Simple, direct, explains what the product does and why it’s better than the others. Instead I have a feeling I’ll get one of those artsy music video things where nobody has any idea what’s actually about.