Fujitsu Executive: PC makers’ Bet On Windows 8 Has Failed

We have seen some reports about poor Windows 8 sales from analysts. Japan based Windows OEM Fujitsu is not so pleased with Windows 8 demand. Fujitsu President Masami Yamamoto have told reporters in Tokyo that the weak demand for Windows 8 led to poor sales of its Windows based products.

“We can’t be optimistic about the PC industry,” said Yoshihisa Toyosaki, a Tokyo-based analyst at Architect Grand Design, an electronics research and consulting company. “PC makers’ bet on Windows 8 has failed, as cheaper tablet computers are taking away customers.”

He also added that Fujitsu won’t cut prices of its products to increase sales as some of its competitors are discounting to sustain sales.

Source: Bloomberg

  • blackhawk556

    did they make great hardware to increase customer interest? Or did they release half ass baked hardware and hope people still buy it?

  • based_graham

    Fujitsu makes good products but they need to advertise their portfolio give a reason for people to buy it.

    • donzebe

      Yep, that is what is lacking with all these so call windows OEM. .

  • briguy266

    Well, their bets sucked. I have yet to see a single company fully challenge the Apple ecosystem with their new set of tools that are W8 and WP8.

  • Ef Jay

    Best part, OEM’s are talking themselves out of sales with all this negative talk instead of being discreet and trying to work the problem. Now the negativity will snowball into consumer perception which will lead to…..poor sales. What geniuses!

    • jagster

      Wait, are you implying that when the President of Fujtsu publicly states that he “can’t be optimistic about the PC industry” it doesn’t just stoke the consumers into wanting to rush out and buy Fijitsu computers? Whodathought! Certainly not the President of Fujitsu, Mr. Dumbass himself.

  • Mark

    Apple had the marketplace to themselves and the main way Google succeeded in dominating it was with mass producing cheap devices. This is the only way Microsoft will gain any dominance.

    • donzebe

      That is, if Microsoft OEM or partners are will to produce cheap devices or Microsoft so do the job themselves. Many bought lots of cheap 7 inch Android tablet this holiday not because they really like android but because those were the only tablets costing $50 dollars, great slate for kids to play with, the quality is not there but it works.

  • Truthhz

    It’s funny how companies releasing subpar hardware are blaming Win 8 for sales problems. Bottom line: The OEMS that make innovative hardware that matches Windows 8 will survive. The others won’t.

  • Eric


    As a big-time Microsoft shareholder (full disclosure, btw), I have nothing but disgust for the business strategies of Microsoft’s so-called PC partners. These companies give airlines a run for their money when it comes to poorly-run companies.

    Let’s take a look at Fujitsu current PC offerings, shall we?

    First, up convertibles. Click that, if you will. What do you see? First up, a tiny 13.3″ turd called the T902, that, for inexplicable reasons, sells for TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. For comparison, let’s look at how much effort Apple puts into selling you something for less than a third of that price: Why would anyone buy this T902 crap? Does Fujitsu offer a compelling reason? Any advertising whatsoever? No.

    Next up: tablets. Let’s take the first one that shows up: $1,369 Q702. It’s “STYLISTIC!”. It’s also, according to Fujitsu’s OWN WEBSITE, rates 2.5 stars by users. So let me see: should I buy an Apple iPad, with forty five billion apps for $500, or a Fujitsu tablet that costs three times as much and, by the looks of it, can’t even manage to get a passing grade on Fujitsu’s OWN WEBSITE? TOUGH CALL FUJITSU.

    Let’s move on. Ultrabooks and Ultra portables. They look great! Except… wait, what? Every single one of your flagship Intel ultrabooks has 1 star? I am starting to think that Fujitsu executives entire business strategy consists of buying deep in the money calls on their own stock and then working as hard as they can to GO BANKRUPT.

    Don’t even get me started on the “desktop replacements” section, every single one of which has an integrated graphics card. Really? You’re going to sell me a $1,000 PC with an enormous screen that weighs more than my dog, and you’re going to ship it with a graphics card that is worse (literally) than the one that came with my 2003 college laptop?


    • Windows 8

      What an analysis, I agree 100% to your points mentioned.
      It is the pc makers who are at fault, they are the ones who are harping on android and or falling prey to Apple but yet they are not getting better products into the market !! it has been more than 2 months now and yet the products are either so expensive or are not available in most countries.
      Let them die !

  • ricecube88

    Wow really fujistu ? : for 1600 $ on their website

    STYLISTIC® Q702 Hybrid Tablet PC
    11.6″ Corporate High Performance Hybrid Tablet with Windows 8 Pro and keyboard docking station Processor 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-3427U vPro™ Processor, Up to 2.8 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
    No wonder their shipments are lower. I am surprised they even have any sales at those prices. Heck people were complaining about surface at half its price. What is wrong with all these Japanese electronic makers trying to price their products at exorbitant levels when world economy is reeling and expect windows 8 to cut some slack for them? Yeah don’t think so. It does not take a genius to figure out why they are dying

    • NegLewis

      Japanese/China/Korea/Asia is great – THE F. BEST at reproducing/improving at THE lower price and BEST quality something that already exist.
      But when it comes to adding something entirely new and innovating or imagining new stuff they lack the …. “thing”.

      W8 is a curved ball that Asia can’t take it.
      They just begun to “let go” and be more “foolish” in terms of thinking and innovations.

      It’s sad that Asia OEM’s relies only on British/US design teams.
      In this case – there was no design involved in creating W8 hardware.

      • koenshaku

        Lenovo is innovative so is Asus, their transformer book is at the top of my list for new hybrid pcs at the moment actually. Acer’s W700 has 7 hours of battery life with an i5 processor which is quite impressive as well I stopped sort of getting it because it didn’t have a digitizer. To say they’re not innovative and repackage is not entirely true at all.
        Acer which I didn’t even used to consider before is one to keep an eye on now, since they have been manufacturing the macbook air it would seem they have taken some pointers. I can see it in the change of quality, Asus always has been providing power house devices. Lenovo while purchased from IBM too has kept their innovative products. Even samsung has some impressive offerings goto some electronic stores and take a look for yourself.

  • darthtigris

    So, any high quality touchscreen devices at competitive prices?

    The more I see the W8 devices, the more of a disaster I imagine this would’ve been if MS didn’t reveal and release Surface. They saw the writing on the wall and decided that the fate W8 couldn’t be left in the hands of companies like Fujitsu.

    • Iain Simpson

      the Samsung ativ smart pc pro is actually a very nice nice tablet.

  • RWalrond

    I smell more Microsoft Stores and more Microsoft Hardware. I’m thinking we’re about to see Microsoft and the PC OEM’s split up!

  • NegLewis

    What bet?
    I bet they didn’t invest $1 in designing their W8 tablets and “all in one” desktops.

  • donzebe

    The Design (color and shape) name and how a product is display in store is the very first thing that attracts an average consumer, the OS is the last thing in the mind of the average consumer when they walk into the store to buy a new product. The average consumer will walk first to a product that is well design, well display and have an attractive name. it is the sale person that will steer customer away by either saying the OS is not good or something else. Most windows products have fail in this area. Microsoft can not do it all, Google is not the one out there designing and marketing Google chrome and Android for Samsung and the rest.
    Windows 8 can not be blame for why PC computers are not selling. I think the blame is directly on the OEM or the so call partners. Most of them which have over the past year focus their innovative designs and marketing on Android and Google OS hardware and little attention to windows OS hardware.
    The OEM or so called Microsoft partners released their products very late into the market. It was not until when the shopping holidays was getting over that windows 8 products started making their ways into stores.
    Who want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer when time is so hard, upgrade what you can on the old hardware and move on.
    And to all the OEM and so call Microsoft partners out there, things have change, follow your products from the factory and into the stores. Samsung is leading way with its Galaxy line of products. Most of you will be sorry when you walk into one of these store and see how your product is being display. Think Apple, it is not the OS that is selling, the hardware design and marketing play the greatest part in their sales.

  • Vladimir Byazrov Photographer

    Fujitsu has to try to make a good product. No need to completely rely on Microsoft.

  • Gavin Tom

    lol, another OEM that makes overpriced garbage.

    • Iain Simpson

      are fujitsu and acer the same company??? there whinning seems very similar.

      • Bugbog

        T’would seem that, despite their whining, Acer is becoming quite scrappy of late! They are still churning out the low rate stuff, but have seemingly reduced the volume, and are now putting out some decent, affordable designs!

  • jimski27

    Fujitsu makes solid, well designed devices. That can’t be disputed. But without any marketing, or offering innovation, what can they expect. They should take a look at the Asus X202E 11.6″, i3, Win 8Touchscreen Notebook for $499. A great introductory device. That’s how you win mindshade.

  • Pepe

    The PC industry is trying to maintain historical big margins, but now they are competing with a low margin mobile devices. Microsoft, Intel, OEMs, have to give up and start competing with realistic prices. In a couple of years all these dinosaurs will be irrelevant because their current ambition.

  • xma1e


  • Stephen Pate

    This is a non-story. Fujitsu are blaming Microsoft for their own failure to innovate and delivery products customers want. They don’t have any products on the market that are Windows 8 touch capable in a price range for consumers. Try finding a decent Fujitsu tablet or laptop at Best Buy, or Tiger Direct. The media repeat this story because they are too lazy to research the facts.

  • bk

    And when was the last time anyone bought a Fujitsu computer anyways?

  • jagster

    Since he feels his company’s “bet on Windows 8” has failed, perhaps he should try a bet on Linux or OSX and see how far down his company can go.

  • mrdeezus

    Fujitsu’s bet that customers will buy there crap that’s way overpriced HAS been failing.
    There its fixed.