Fujitsu Reveals Windows 8 Tablet With Fan That Can Work Underwater

Fujitsu has announced couple of wate rproof and dust proof Windows 8.1 tablets yesterday. QH77/M and QH55/M are the two devices.


  • It is an Intel Bay Trail based tablet.
  • Display – 2560 x 1600 (299ppi) with Stylus support
  • 4GB RAM
  • Upto 128GB storage
  • 267.0×180.8×9.9mm profile
  • 650g weight
  • fanless tablet.
  • 15 hours battery life


  • Intel Core i5-4200U processor
  • 12.5inch display with Stylus support
  • 4GB RAM
  • Mobile broadband support
  • Fan for cooling the device
  • Dust-and water-resistant ( the fan will stop when the device is immersed in water)

The Arrows Tab QH77/M will be available on 28 November and the Arrows Tab QH55/M will be available on 21 November.

via: Engadget

  • donzebe

    Windows 8.1 momentum picking up.
    OEM gone crazy.
    Fujitsu is one of the best for enterprise.

    • tomakali

      Nokia Communicator phones and tablets can create a new breed of devices options for enterprise market…

      • donzebe

        I still use my E90

  • Yuan Taizong

    O.M.G. this is amazing, the Sony Xperia can now finally be rivalled by a high-end underwater Windows 8 Tablet-P.C. 😀
    This is great news for consumers everywhere who don’t want to be stuck in a lousy Android enviroment and the people* who love to swim.

    * = ¿am I using people correctly? ¿is it sexist to say people? ¿does people only mean men or also women? because I find it confusing when everybody always say ”the men & women who serve” but get upset when you say ”the people who serve”, above I meant that there are also women who love to swim, not just men, I appologize for any woman I’ve offended by saying that only men like to swim m(_ _m)

  • reKitab